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Nov 11 2022

Singapore MAS Works With New York Fed To Explore CBDCs

Nov 11 2022 Published at Coinscreed under tags  cbdc new york singapore

The collaborative effort of MAS and NYIC aims to evaluate the potential use of wholesale CBDCs in international trade. A joint experiment with wholesale central bank digital currencies will be launched by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and the New York Innovation Center (NYIC) of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The potential […] The post...

Sep 26 2022

Nexo Hit With Cease and Desist Orders From Eight U.S. States

Sep 26 2022 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  california news new york nexo

Multiple U.S. state regulators have issued cease and desist orders against the crypto lending platform Nexo. C&D Issued Against Nexo Eight U.S. states are taking legal action against Nexo for...

Aug 04 2022

New York’s Proof-Of-Work Ban Violates Bitcoin Miners’ Right To Free Speech

Supreme Court precedent shows that New York’s moratorium on proof-of-work mining violates Bitcoin miners’ First Amendment rights.This is an opinion editorial by Aaron Daniel, an appellate attorney and author of The Bitcoin Brief legal research newsletter.IntroductionNew York’s legislative assembly passed Bill No. A07389...

Aug 02 2022

NYDFS slams Robinhood’s crypto unit with $30M fine

Aug 02 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  new york robinhood uncategorized

The New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) imposed a $30 million fine on the crypto trading unit of Robinhood on Aug. 2. The fine is due to an alleged violation of cybersecurity and anti-money laundering regulations. According to the regulator, the Bank Secrecy Act and...

Breaking: Robinhood Gets Penalized For Crypto Violations, What Next?

Aug 02 2022 Published at Coingape under tags  news new york robinhood uncategorized

Even as trading platform Robinhood continues to expand its crypto related operations, it is now faced with regulatory...

New York urges crypto market crash victims to speak out

Aug 02 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  bankruptcy celsius crypto new york regulation

New York's Attorney General Letitia James has urged victims of the recent crypto market crash to contact her office. The investor alert asked those who believe they have been deceived or locked out of their accounts by various crypto projects impacted by the recent market crash to contact the NYAG Investor Protection...

Aug 01 2022

New York AG Seeking Info From Crypto Whistleblowers

Aug 01 2022 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  news new york

The New York Attorney General's office has invited crypto investors to report misconduct to the department. NYAG Solicits Wronged Investors New York is seeking complaints from crypto investors. A new...

Jul 28 2022

Solana opens physical store in New York City

Jul 28 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  adoption new york saga solana web3

Blockchain network Solana (SOL) has opened its first physical store Solana Spaces in New York City, where it will sell cryptocurrency-related products, according to a press release shared with CryptoSlate. The store is located at The Shops, an upscale mall at Hudson Yard, Manhattan, and opens to the public on July 28. The store features an NFT gallery with the...

Solana Opens First Physical Store in New York City

Jul 28 2022 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  business new york solana spaces

A Solana store opened in New York City today; its the first crypto store of its kind. A Physical Web3 Store Solana has opened a store in the real world....

Jul 14 2022

New York Yankees Starts Paying Employees In Bitcoin

Jul 14 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  baseball business mlb news new york

The New York Yankees will leverage Bitcoin fintech NYDIG’s platform to allow its employees to convert part of their salary into bitcoin.The New York Yankees MLB team has partnered with NYDIG to enable its employees to be paid in bitcoin.NYDIG offers a benefits plan which allows employees to choose any portion of their salary to be converted into BTC with no...

Jul 10 2022

New York State Slings Another Arrow At Bitcoin Mining

While current operations will not be ceased, New York continues to show an adversarial stance to bitcoin mining as a whole.This is an opinion editorial by Rick Mulvey, author of The Fraud Within and contributor to Bitcoin Magazine.New York State’s Department of Environmental Conservation...

Jul 07 2022

NYC NFT Highlights: Here’s What You Missed

Jul 07 2022 Published at AirdropAlert under tags  apefest news new york nft trending

Hundreds gathered at the fourth annual NYC NFT. It was a blast despite the bear markets. New York hosted several spectacular events from June 20 to 23 as a part of this event. And among other things, these reflected the sheer diversity and culture of the budding global NFT ecosystem. The program was, as many […] The post NYC NFT Highlights: Here’s...

Jun 20 2022

Frogs Over Fiat Bitcoin NFT Art Gallery Opens Tomorrow In Manhattan, NY

The Frogs > Fiat art gallery for bitcoin NFTs opens tomorrow in lower Manhattan, NY and will have many prominent artists and collectors in attendance.The Frogs Over Fiat art gallery in New York featuring Bitcoin NFTs opens tomorrow at 11 a.m ET in lower Manhattan.The art gallery will feature the Fake Rares and Fake Commons Rare collections of Rare Pepe art with...

Jun 08 2022

New York’s NYDFS Issues Guidance on Stablecoins

Jun 08 2022 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  news new york regulations stablecoins

The New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) has issued new regulatory guidance for companies that create stablecoins. NYDFS Sets Out Guidance The NYDFS' guidance sets out three baseline requirements...

New York Governor is yet to officially sign Bitcoin mining ban bill

Jun 08 2022 Published at Coinscreed under tags  kathy hochul news new york

Kathy Hochul, the Governor of New York, is yet to officially commit to signing the controversial Proof-of-Work (PoW) Bitcoin mining ban law, she says her team will be looking at all the bills very closely. PoW crypto mining operations fueled by fossil fuels would no longer be able to set up shop or renew existing […] The post New...

Jun 06 2022

New York Set to Ban Bitcoin Mining Operations

The USA has been one of the top contenders of the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. The country has put several regulations in place to restrict cryptocurrency activities. Furthermore, resulting in several crypto companies having to relocate out of the US or close shop. Interestingly, New York takes its clampdown on cryptocurrency a step further. The US state reveals plans to ban all forms...

Jun 03 2022

New York State Senate Passes Crypto Mining Moratorium Bill

Jun 03 2022 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  mining news new york

The New York State Senate has passed a bill that will ban most cryptocurrency mining. Bill Would Ban NY Crypto Mining A bill placing a two-year moratorium on Proof-of-Work cryptocurrency...

New York senate passes bill that could ban crypto mining in the state

Jun 03 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  crypto mining mining new york

Lawmakers in New York passed a bill that would ban new Proof-of-Work (PoW) mining operations from setting up shop in the state. The bill is now headed to the desk of New York's governor Kathy Hochul, who will sign it into law or veto it. A moratorium on crypto mining in New York Bill A7389C, which...

New York State To Place Moratorium On Non-Renewable Bitcoin Mining

New York’s Senate just voted to place a two-year moratorium on the bitcoin mining industry preventing new applications and renewals for carbon-based mining.New York’s State Senate has passed a bill in a 36-27 vote placing a two-year moratorium on proof-of-work (PoW) cryptocurrency mining with fossil fuels, the method used for mining bitcoin....

Miners Threaten To Abandon New York As State Gives Nod To Bitcoin Mining Ban

Crypto miners are in for a major showdown with legislators. The relatively low cost of providing electricity in New York is rapidly making the state a flourishing hub for cryptocurrency miners. However, several locals and environmental organizations have voiced concerns about the impact of pollution as a result of the state's fast growth. On Friday, the New York State legislature enacted a bill...

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