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Feb 04 2021

Super Bowl LV: HODL Or Bet?

Some people hold bitcoin because it is sound money. Some buy it because they want to speculate. But there is an old connection between investors and bitcoin that you might have forgotten. One of the biggest sports, entertainment and betting events of the year is always the Super Bowl. Some of the first services in the world to accept bitcoin were online sportsbooks...

Jan 07 2021

NFL Player Russell Okung To Receive Payment in Bitcoin

Russell Okung of the Carolina Panthers has become the first player of the National Football League (NFL) to be paid in Bitcoin. This news comes as a dream come true for Russell Okung. The athlete first demanded this circumstance back in May 2019 when he tweeted, "Pay me in Bitcoin." Pay me in Bitcoin. -- russ...

Dec 29 2020

NFL Star Russell Okung to Receive Paycheck in Bitcoin

Dec 29 2020 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  bitcoin business nfl russell okung

Russell Okung, who plays offensive tackle for the Carolina Panthers, is set to be paid in Bitcoin. It's the first time any player has received their wages in cryptocurrency in NFL history. "Paid in Bitcoin" Okung will receive 50% of his $13 million salary in BTC, and the Bitcoin payments startup Strike will facilitate the...

Okung’s “Pay me in Bitcoin” Becomes a Reality with Strike

On Tuesday, NFL Tackle Russel Okung and Strike announced a partnership that will pay a sizable portion of Okung’s $13MM NFL in bitcoin. Last May, Okung lobbied his former and current NFL teams to pay him in bitcoin. After reaching out to Strike founder Jack Mallers and working with the...

Panthers’ Russell Okung Becomes First NFL Player to Be Paid in Bitcoin

Okung’s $13 million salary is being split fifty-fifty between bitcoin and fiat by way of Zap’s Strike product.

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