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Aug 08 2022

Voltage Now Offers One-Click Inbound Liquidity For Lightning Nodes

Voltage will supply up to 500,000 sats of inbound liquidity from its main node to its customers with one seamless click.Voltage now offers its users inbound liquidity for Lightning nodes with one click. Voltage will supply 500,000 sats from its main node.The company hopes to expand this offering beyond just Voltage customers.Voltage, a bitcoin...

May 31 2022

Bitcoin Developers Have Technical Expertise That Users Don’t

Bitcoin is defined by its users, but how many node operators understand and verify protocol changes on a nuanced and deeply technical level?This is an opinion editorial by Shinobi, a self-taught educator in the Bitcoin space and tech-oriented Bitcoin podcast host.Bitcoin is ultimately defined by its users, by the people actually running nodes and enforcing the protocol rules to...

Dec 22 2021

Three Easy Pieces: How to Teach Your Grandmother Bitcoin

“How do we get our grandmothers to grok Bitcoin like the shadowy super coders we always wanted them to be?”A defining feature of the Digital Era has been the rise of digital entities of incredible complexity, which manage to maintain such simplicity that your grandmother can use them.Famously, the iPhone arrives in a box with no user guide. It is so...

Nov 20 2021

Is The Binance Smart Chain Going Off The Rails? BSC Validators Rise Up

There seems to be a disturbance in the force over at the Binance Smart Chain. Even though for the average user the BSC is working just fine, the validators are up in arms. A pseudonymous one opened up an issue at GitHub and all hell broke loose. The title: “BSC is a lost cause.” It...

Oct 22 2021

Discussing The Revenge Of The Nodes

A conversation exploring topics from Aaron Segal's "The Revenge Of The Nodes", such as decentralization, declining fiat credit quality, and Bitcoin as pristine collateral.Watch This Episode on YouTubeWatch/Listen To This EpisodeBitcoinTV...

Sep 29 2021

Despite Chinese Ban, 145 Bitcoin Nodes Are Still Running There

Sep 29 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  bitcoin china markets nodes

While financial institutions and on-ramps can be banned, the Bitcoin P2P network is immune.Despite the recent Bitcoin ban in China, the country still has at least 145 Bitcoin nodes online, according to data from Bitrawr.com. While centralized firms such as the BTC exchange Huobi and the ecommerce shop Alibaba are withdrawing bitcoin-related services from the...

Sep 22 2021

How To Run A Bitcoin Node With The Blockstream Satellite

Everything you need to know to install and operate a Bitcoin node connected to the blockchain via satellite, and enjoy full sovereignty.This article covers the materials needed, installation, configuration and operation of a Bitcoin node connected via satellite using a Raspberry Pi and a Blockstream satellite kit....

Jul 20 2021

Bitcoin Node Network Marks An All-Time High After A Roller Coaster Journey

Bitcoin Nodes recently hit an all-time high of 13,000+ from 11,613 in January. This is the first time the nodes are crossing the mark and increased from what it was in early 2021. From the data released by Bitnodes.io, the reachable Bitcoin nodes achieve this increase earlier in July. Bitnodes.io is a dashboard where you can find...

Feb 02 2021

OKEx Exchange Integrating Bitcoin Lightning Network, Dropping User Costs

OKEx will be adding support for the Bitcoin Lightning Network in the coming month to offer cheaper withdrawals and faster transactions for users. OKEx Upgrade for Small Transactions Only A single Bitcoin transaction currently costs over $11, and transactions can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes before confirmation. ...

Feb 01 2021

Kraken to Run Chainlink Node, Making Spot Prices Available to DeFi Apps

Feb 01 2021 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  kraken nodes oracle oracles technology

Kraken's new Chainlink node will make the exchange's spot prices available to DeFi applications and other blockchains. Kraken's Oracle Data Now Accessible in DeFi Kraken today announced that it...

Jan 20 2021

How to Set Up a Bitcoin Node: A Beginner’s Guide

Bitcoin's peer-to-peer strength lies in its vast network of nodes. The famous saying in crypto, "not your private keys, not your coins," extends to crypto nodes as, "Not your node, not your rules." Bitcoin full nodes protect user privacy and strengthen the network's distributed consensus. And just recently, the...

Dec 30 2020

Blockchain Developers Are Focused on the Wrong Problem

If it's to reach its full potential, the decentralized economy needs to scale censorship resistance, say Solana's CEO and COO.

Oct 23 2020

Video: Sync Bitcoin Faster! Assume UTXO

On this episode of The Van Wirdum Sjorsnado, Aaron and Sjors...

Jul 06 2020

Video: How To Install MyNode on Your Old Casa Node

Jul 06 2020 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  101 casa for fun mynode nodes

Bitcoiners attempting to do their part to secure the network, and...

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