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Aug 16 2022

Chainalysis: Almost $2 Billion Have Gone To Crypto Hacks This Year

According to a report published on Tuesday by blockchain analysis company Chainalysis, a remarkable $1.9 billion worth of bitcoin was stolen in hacks of various services in the first seven months of this year, representing a 60% rise from the same time in the previous year. DeFi Saw Huge Cases Of Hacks, Chainalysis Reports Even though several cryptocurrencies saw a sharp decline in...

Aug 05 2022

Nomad Hackers Return $22M Following Bridge Attack

Aug 05 2022 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  hack news nomad

About $22 million has been returned to cross-chain bridge Nomad after an easily-replicable exploit allowed multiple hackers to steal funds from the protocol on Monday. Nomad Recovers Funds From $190M...

Nomad announces 10% bounty to hackers following recent hack

Aug 05 2022 Published at Coinscreed under tags  hack news nomad

Following the Nomad bridge hack on Aug. 2, Nomad has announced that it’s offering up to a 10% bounty of the stolen $190M from the recent hack. For the recovery of the money taken from the Nomad bridge, Nomad offered a reward of up to 10%. The business made a wallet address for sending the […] The post Nomad announces 10% bounty to...

Aug 04 2022

Crypto Exchange ZB.com Reportedly Loses $4.8 Million To Hackers – Here’s What We Know

Crypto exchanges have become popular for enabling consumers to purchase, sell, swap, and store digital assets. However, research has shown that exchanges have been easy prey for hackers, especially as the popularity and price of specific crypto currencies has skyrocketed. Typically affecting thousands, if not millions, of users and resulting in the theft of hard-earned assets, crypto exchange hacks are exceptionally destructive. The...

Aug 02 2022

$190M Stolen From Nomad Bridge in “Frenzied Free-for-All” Hack

Aug 02 2022 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  analysis hack nomad

Thieves rushed to drain the bridge once news of the exploit surfaced. Unlike most other crypto hacks, stealing funds did not require in-depth programming knowledge. $190M Lost in Nomad Attack...

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