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Sep 19 2022

Report: Bitcoin Mining Companies Spend Excessively On Administration Compared To Other Industries

Data shows the public Bitcoin mining companies have been spending more excessively on administration, compared to other industries like gold mining. Average Public Bitcoin Miner Spends 50% Revenues On Administrative Costs According to a new blog post by Arcane Research, most BTC miners have only focused on minimizing direct production costs, and neglected indirect expenses like administration. The...

Sep 10 2022

Making Methane Reduction Profitable: The Story of DenverBitcoin

Find out how DenverBitcoin’s previous exposure to the oil and gas industry led him to see the potential for waste reduction while participating in the bitcoin mining industry.This is an opinion editorial by Robert Warren, partner at Distributed Hash and business development at Upstream Data Inc.This is the story of a father and son team that began their journey looking for...

May 28 2022

Gilded Age Greed and Golden Bitcoin

May 28 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture fiat oil opinion politics

Fiat is a gilded currency, centralized protocols are gilded projects and society is witnessing the proverbial paint chipping away. Bitcoin is golden.Dr. Riste Simnjanovski is a tenured professor of public administration at California Baptist University. Most recently, his published research explores digital assets in the public and private sectors.In 1873, Mark Twain and Charles...

May 26 2022

These Public Oil Companies Are Joining Forces With Bitcoin Miners To Reshape The Industry

As more major oil and gas operations partner with bitcoin miners, it’s clear that this magic internet money is transforming energy.One of the world’s largest industries — oil and gas — is converging with magic internet money infrastructure, but bitcoin’s prolonged market selloff has taken some of the shine off of these monumental partnerships. Some cryptocurrency traders are even...

May 07 2022

Will Russia Actually Trade Oil For Bitcoin?

May 07 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  china geopolitics markets oil opinion

Russia announced a willingness to accept bitcoin in exchange for oil, but will countries actually pay in bitcoin or will they stick to gold?On Thursday, March 24, Pavel Zavalny, chairman of Russia’s State Duma Committee for Energy, announced payment terms for countries looking to purchase oil and gas from Russia. It is an extension of the...

Mar 26 2022

Great American Mining Is Solving Our Global Energy Problems With Bitcoin

With its rapid bitcoin miner deployment at North Dakota operations, Great American Mining shows Bitcoin’s potential to solve energy crises. The flaring conducted at oil and...

Mar 24 2022

Russia Is Rumored To Be Considering Bitcoin As Payment For Oil

Recently, there has been speculation that Russia may start accepting bitcoin in exchange for oil. This would be a significant development, as Russia is a major player in the global oil market. If this rumor turns out to be true, it could have a major impact on the price of Bitcoin. Heck, even if it's not true, you know the old "buy the...

Mar 12 2022

Bitcoin, Tectonic Shifts In The Financial System And Oil

Discussing the latest macroeconomic developments as they relate to Bitcoin, including oil prices and market misconceptions.Watch This Episode On YouTubeListen To This Episode:...

Mar 08 2022

Bipartisan bill: Lock down Russia’s gold reserves, U.S. may stop oil imports

Mar 08 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  banking gas gold legal oil

Sanctions against the Russian Federation are hitting hard on the Russian nation and its businesses, financial- and payment systems, and citizens alike. More and more nations and institutions are lining up to impose sanctions, and it seems as...

Mar 07 2022

Russian Ruble Crashes Further Against Bitcoin As Oil Sanctions Loom

Mar 07 2022 Published at Coingape under tags  bitcoin bitcoin news crash foreign exchange news

Russia's ruble sank 26% to a record low against Bitcoin on Monday, extending losses as the United States said it was mulling sanctions on Moscow's oil exports. One Bitcoin is now worth over 5 million ruble, with the currency having slumped nearly 60% against Bitcoin in the past month. Sanctions pressure Russian economy Restrictions on...

Bitcoin Holds Around $38k While Asian Stocks Tumble

Mar 07 2022 Published at Coingape under tags  bitcoin bitcoin news news oil russia

Bitcoin arrested recent losses on Monday, holding around $38,000 even as as stock markets in Asia and Europe fell sharply on the prospect of Western plans to sanction Russian oil. Oil prices shot up to their highest level since the 2008 financial crisis on the prospect of a Russian blacklist, which increased fears of another...

Feb 24 2022

Gold And Oil Price Are Soaring While Crypto Bleeds Due To Russia-Ukraine War

Feb 24 2022 Published at Coingape under tags  analysis bitcoin crypto dollar gold

Russia's declaration of war against Ukraine saw crypto market capitalization slump by $200 billion in a matter of hours, while stock and currency...

Feb 15 2022

ConocoPhillips Is Selling Extra Gas To Bitcoin Miners

With its Bitcoin pilot, ConocoPhillips is both monetizing energy that would otherwise be wasted and reducing its emissions.ConocoPhillips has one Bitcoin pilot project operating in North Dakota.The company is selling stranded gas to bitcoin miners in the Bakken, an oil-abundant region in the U.S.The setup allows the company to monetize gas that would otherwise be wasted while it...

Nov 10 2021

The End Of Super Imperialism

How the U.S. succeeded in turning the dream of monetary imperialism into our current inequitable reality, and how Bitcoin offers a new standard.In 1972, one year after President Richard Nixon defaulted on the dollar and formally took the United States off of the gold standard for good, the financial historian and analyst Michael Hudson...

Jul 28 2021

The Truth Behind Bitcoin’s Opposition

Bitcoin represents a threat to the United States dollar and its global hegemony backed by endless war.What do Saddam Hussein and Bitcoin have in common? According to the government, they both have ties to terrorism. In reality, both threaten the United States dollar (USD) and its global hegemony.“One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.” — Gerald...

Jul 27 2021

Utah Oil Producer Is Using Otherwise Wasted Gas To Mine Bitcoin

Jul 27 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  business energy waste gas mining oil

Wesco has stopped flaring excess natural gas and is now using it to mine bitcoin, reducing carbon emissions and increasing profits.Wesco Operating Co., an oil producer near Moab, Utah, found in Bitcoin a solution to a years-old problem – the wastage of natural gas that can’t be shipped to market, The Salt Lake Tribune...

May 16 2021

Major Oil Spills Won’t Happen Under A Bitcoin Standard

May 16 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture environment oil sound money

Environmental disasters are the result of cut corners, and cut corners are the result of inflation.There has been, on a consistent basis, environmental fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) in regards to the electricity consumption of bitcoin mining, since Bitcoin began. I pose that not only does Bitcoin not harm the environment, it...

Apr 28 2021

Uncovering The Hidden Costs Of The Petrodollar

Apr 28 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture oil petrodollar u.s. u.s. dollar

The world’s reserve currency relies on oil, dictators, inequality and the military-industrial complex. But a Bitcoin standard could change this.In its growth from conceptual white paper to trillion-dollar asset, Bitcoin has attracted an enormous amount of criticism. Detractors focus on its perceived negative externalities: energy consumption, carbon footprint, lack of centralized control and inability to be...

Apr 11 2021

Bitcoin (BTC) Outperforms Institutional Assets in Q1 2021

Apr 11 2021 Published at Coingape under tags  bitcoin bitcoin news btcbrl btcbusd btcdai

Bitcoin (BTC), the world’s first digital currency has notably outperformed other institutional assets in the first quarter of 2021. The...

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