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Jan 17 2022

Chingari’s Social Token GARI is Getting Listed on OKEx Following Exclusive IEO For South Asian Users

Chingari, the quickest growing short-video sharing platform in India with more than 32 million daily active users, has announced an exclusive initial exchange offering (IEO) of its native GARI token on OKEx, the world’s second- largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volume.

Dec 16 2021

OKB Price Prediction

Dec 16 2021 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  okb technical analysis

OKB is the OKEx utility token that enables users to access the crypto exchange's special features. The coin is used to calculate and pay trading fees, grant users access to voting and governance on the platform, and reward users for holding OKB. OKEx has become a world-leading trading floor since its launch in 2017. The platform launched in the spring of 2017 and...

Sep 28 2021

Why did Binance’s BNB Remain Mostly Unaffected by China’s Crypto Crackdowns, While Huobi’s HT Lost Heaps

After a series of regulatory clampdowns that date back all the way back to 2013, China has decided to issue a blanket ban on all cryptocurrency activity in the country on September 24. As expected, native tokens of crypto exchanges that were offering their services to Chinese users, such as OKB and Huobi token, have been particularly hard hit. However, Binance Coin remained...

Sep 27 2021

Huobi Plans on Retiring all China-Based Accounts by the end of the Year

Huobi Global revealed its plans for a gradual withdrawal from the Chinese market. One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges announced that new account registrations were suspended in order “to comply with local laws and regulations.” The policy change was put into effect almost immediately after the news of China banning crypto transactions became known.

Sep 24 2021

Jun 13 2021

OKEx | Polygon Partnership: Boosting Access To DeFi

Polygon (formerly Matic), has announced a partnership with leading cryptocurrency exchange, OKex. This will enable users to move funds between both networks quickly and effortlessly. OKex, who announced the partnership via an official blog post, stated that the collaboration would focus on enabling faster, and cheaper token transfer to Polygon network. It would also extend fast and cheap network fees when interacting with...

Feb 25 2021

OKEx Utility Token OKB Blasts Off To New ATH As Crypto Trend Continues

Feb 25 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  markets and prices okb okex

Cryptocurrencies are experiencing a bullish phase in a major way. Across the entire market, coins are setting new all-time highs with every new passing day. Bitcoin and Ethereum are in full price discovery mode, and profits from them have flooded into other value projects such as utility coins and other top altcoins. As a result, OKEx’s utility token OKB has set a new...

Feb 15 2021

Exchange Tokens Time Has Arrived

Feb 15 2021 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  bnb exchange exchanges ftt ht

In the past few months, a group of coins have been collectively growing. If you can identify this group, you can start longing the coins which haven’t pumped from that particular group and they will start seeing a similar price action as their peers. Exchange tokens have acted in the same way. Initially, privacy coins like XMR, ZEC, etc started increasing in price....

Dec 01 2020

Which Exchange Token Will Lead the Bull Run?

Dec 01 2020 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  binance bitfinex bnb cro ht

Trading cryptocurrencies was not an easy task in their inception years. Thanks to the tremendous advancement in exchanges, trading cryptocurrencies has become an easy task for the retail investor. The daily volume on exchanges is growing and so is the number of exchanges. It will be highly challenging for a single exchange to cater to the needs of all traders. Even with multiple...

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