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Feb 15 2021

Bitcoin Mining: Wasted Energy or a Better, Greener System?

Harry Sudock, VP of strategy at GRIID Infrastructure joins the show to discuss the modern energy landscape, how far we've come and where bitcoin mining can fit into a sustainable energy system.

Feb 06 2021

Digital Gold: How Should Financial Advisors Be Thinking About Bitcoin?

Is Bitcoin digital gold? In this episode of ‘On Purpose, With Tyrone Ross,’ we dig into bitcoin narratives as financial advisors see them and explore the concept of bitcoin as a store of value.

Jan 30 2021

Are Financial Advisors Missing Crypto?

On this episode of the 'On Purpose' podcast, independent registered investment advisor Tyrone Ross digs into the thorny topic of bitcoin and digital assets through the lens of your average Financial Advisor.

Jan 14 2021

The Bitcoin Opportunity Is Right Here in America

Passions run high as Tyrone Ross shares his thoughts on the bitcoin mania, opportunities and narratives.

Dec 16 2020

Why You Should or Shouldn’t Fire Your Financial Adviser Over Bitcoin

On this special holiday episode of "On Purpose," host Tyrone Ross breaks down his viewpoint on the abuse financial advisers are receiving for missing the boat on bitcoin.

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