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Aug 18 2022

Decline In Bitcoin Denominated Open Interest Sees Funding Rates Fall Below Neutral

Bitcoin funding rates have been on a bearish trend in recent months. It has now spent one of its longest stretches in neutral and below neutral territory. But even with the recovering prices and sentiment in the crypto space, the funding rates have refused to mirror the trend. Instead, it has spent another week below neutral, painting a grim picture of how traders...

Aug 17 2022

Will ETH Finally Flip BTC? Ethereum Options OI Surpasses BTC

Ethereum has recently hit some milestones, as the craze around The Merge remains sustained. The markets are generally recording lows in the derivatives section, with BTC funding rates plummeting. Despite...

Jun 17 2022

Ethereum Denominated Open Interest Skyrockets As Price Declines

Ethereum has seen more interest in recent days. Most of it has come from the price decline of the digital asset which has allowed investors to get in at a much lower price. This interest can be easily seen in the rise of the Ethereum-denominated open interest. In the last week, this has risen dramatically. Mostly, it has been managing funds that have...

Jun 02 2022

Surge In Bitcoin Open Interest Suggests A Short Squeeze Was Behind Late May Rally

The opening of the trading week had seen bitcoin surge again and had touched as high as $32,000, albeit briefly. This recovery had taken the market by surprise given that indicators were pointing toward more bearish trends. Nevertheless, the recovery was a welcome sight as it put bitcoin on a track to end its red streak. The reason behind this rally remains shrouded...

May 18 2022

Bitcoin Open Interest Nosedives, But All Hope Is Not Lost

Bitcoin open interest has been on a downtrend recently. This is not surprising given that the price of the digital asset had also been declining in recent times. The past week has seen this downtrend mostly driven by movements on the crypto exchange, Binance. Despite this decline, it is still not all bad for bitcoin in terms of open interest. Bitcoin Open Interest...

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