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Nov 16 2022

Matter Labs nets $200M to build zkSync Ethereum scaling platform

Ethereum development firm Matter Labs has raised a monster $200 million to support the launch of its zkSync V2 rollup network. The creator of the Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible zkSync, Matter Labs, has received significant industry support as it makes a commitment to fully open-source its platform, the first such effort for a zk-Rollup technology. On […] The post...

Oct 14 2022

Bitcoin Gaming Company ZEBEDEE Launches Open-Source Bitcoin Development Non-Profit

No Big Deal is currently focused on Lightning infrastructure and supporting hosted channels to remove the need of custodial users on Lightning.ZEBEDEE, a bitcoin gaming company, has announced No Big Deal (NDB), a non-profit dedicated to furthering open source development for Bitcoin and the Lightning Network, per a release sent to Bitcoin Magazine. "NBD does not sell anything, it does not...

Oct 11 2022

Stratum v2: After 10 Years, The Most Used Bitcoin Mining Software Gets Facelift

Mark the Stratum v2 release as a victory for the open-source bitcoin community. For a decade, it has been the software of choice for miners to interact with pools and with the bitcoin protocol per se. While still necessary, bitcoin mining pools have a centralizing effect. With Stratum v2, miners will get to construct their own blocks. And that’s just one of the...

Sep 13 2022

Why Linux Will Form The OpenWallet Foundation

The Linux Foundation is launching the OpenWallet Foundation (OWF), an initiative to build open-source software to support the interoperability of multiple digital wallets. Mainly used for holding and transacting with cryptocurrencies and digital assets, Linux claims that these tools will be critical for everyday life in the coming years. According to a...

Aug 03 2022

Electrifying! With Stablesats, Galoy Brings The Dollar To The Lightning Network

If this works as promised, Stablesats could change the game. It could change the world, even. The new Galoy product solves a problem and an urge that the bitcoin community has had for ages. Synthetic dollars that don’t need a token or rely on a third party to work. In fact, if Stablesats works as promised it will solve the most difficult of...

Apr 29 2022

Bitcoin Speaks To The Human Condition

Bitcoin will succeed not just because it is the best monetary technology, but because it is the money most aligned to principles fundamental to human nature. (Adaptation...

Apr 20 2022

National TV Exposure: “60 Minutes Overtime,” About The Bitcoin Beach Wallet

As it turns out, the “60 Minutes” report on Bitcoin Beach that we recently covered had a hidden segment. The title is “The tech behind the...

Feb 11 2022

With Bitcoin, Open-Source Money Is Enhancing Open-Source Code

Bitcoin, an open-source monetary system, can supercharge open-source development projects and vice versa.The below is a direct excerpt of Marty's Bent Issue #1160: "Open source money enhancing open source code." Sign up for the newsletter here....

Feb 07 2022

The U.S. Patent System Must Change In The Bitcoin Priced Deflationary Future

Bitcoiners understand that ideas are best built upon in a system that does not restrict innovation.The Price of Yesterday’s Innovation: Applying Insights From Jeff Booth’s “The Price of Tomorrow” To The U.S. Patent System*Special thanks to Jeff Booth for discussing these ideas with the author.In his 2020...

Feb 04 2022

You Won’t Believe What Costa Rica’s Bitcoin Jungle Is Building

The Bitcoin Jungle project is way more interesting than you probably think. This is how Bitcoin wins. From the ground up. We saw how Bitcoin Beach started small, humbly grew, and ended up changing El Salvador for the better. It’s only logical for similar projects to pop up in other locations that want to capture the spark, the magic. However, Bitcoin Jungle has...

Feb 02 2022

Saylor & Dorsey At “Bitcoin for Corporations,” What Did We Learn?

Since he left Twitter, Jack Dorsey looks like a new man. A man on a mission without the constraints a billion-dollar business put around your neck. The key-note for MicroStrategy’s “Bitcoin for Corporations”...

Oct 19 2021

Who Funds Bitcoin Core Developers? Here Are The Facts

Even superheroes like the Bitcoin Core Developers have to eat. One of the most mind-blowing facts about Bitcoin is that a group of volunteers maintain and keep developing the code. Private companies, NGOs, and wealthy Bitcoiners support them via grants and donations. This is all done over the counter, with as much transparency as possible. Here’s a...

Feb 03 2021

Taproot Update: Bitcoin Users Home In on Activation Plan, Date Still TBD

The meeting ended with rough consensus in favor of BIP8 (false), as well as with approval of two possible methods to put this BIP into motion.

Dec 30 2020

How DeFi ‘Degens’ Are Funding the Next Wave of Open-Source Development

Dec 30 2020 Published at CoinDesk under tags  defi gitcoin open source opinion people

Gitcoin's Kevin Owocki coins the phrase "regenerative finance" to describe the future of funding open-source development.

Dec 18 2020

Why Open Source Matters for Bitcoin

Listen To This Episode:...

Nov 23 2020

Everything You Need to Use Bitcoin Safely, From Beginner to Expert

This is a promoted article provided by SatoshiLabs. To succeed, Bitcoin must be attractive and intuitive to all kinds of users. Making an ecosystem that serves everyone’s needs equally is a significant undertaking, but it’s made much easier through collaboration. There are four fundamental tiers of user that need to be defined if they are to be protected, each building on the foundations...

Nov 13 2020

Developers Debate Disclosure Protocols After ‘Accidental’ Ethereum Hard Fork

Nov 13 2020 Published at CoinDesk under tags  ethereum geth hard fork open source tech

Ethereum’s largest client Geth hard-forked after a bug was tripped Wednesday. Developers are now weighing the merits of security disclosures methods.

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