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Apr 29 2022

Bitcoin Speaks To The Human Condition

Bitcoin will succeed not just because it is the best monetary technology, but because it is the money most aligned to principles fundamental to human nature. (Adaptation...

Feb 22 2022

In 2021, Criminals Stole $3.2B In Crypto. $2.3B Of Those Funds Came From DeFi

At the last peak, there were $256B involved in DeFi. The industry’s rapid growth brought attention, and among those eyeballs, there were bad actors. In fact, “the value stolen from these protocols catapulted 1,330%” last year. That’s according to surveillance firm Chainalysis’ “The...

Jan 27 2022

If You Use Bitcoin, Consider Supporting These Critical Open-Source Projects

The ethos of Bitcoin is enabled by a range of critical open-source software projects. Consider supporting this list of 30 such projects.Our greatest asset as Bitcoiners is the blossoming open-source community that makes this movement possible. Open-source software empowers individuals around the world while remaining independent of governments and large corporations that continuously attempt to track, censor and...

Jan 14 2022

How Blockchain Commons Is Improving Individual Access To The Bitcoin Network

Standards put forth by the open-source software team at Blockchain Commons will help individuals get the most out of Bitcoin.The below is a direct excerpt of Marty's Bent Issue #1144: "Gordian principles and software standards." Sign up for the newsletter here....

Jan 13 2022

Discussing The Importance Of Bitcoin's Open-Source Ethos

Discussing the importance of Bitcoin as an open-source software project that is transparent and auditable.Listen To This Episode:AppleSpotify...

Sep 01 2021

How Marco Falke Maintains The Bitcoin Network

Now Bitcoin Core’s most prolific developer, Marco Falke’s work is the daily maintenance and testing of an open-source project that must reject error.Last week, Bitcoin Developer Marco Falke logged his 1,752nd commit to Bitcoin Core’s codebase, passing W. J. van der Laan to become the most prolific Core Dev in terms of the sheer number of...

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