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May 25 2021

Umbrella Network (UMB) Gains Three New Partnerships

Umbrella Network (UMB) is making waves in the blockchain and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space. The top-notch, Layer 2, oracle platform has been described by many as being quite similar to Chainlink due to its reliable price feeds. Excitement around Umbrella Network (UMB) and its community-owned, reliable oracle is on the rise. In line with this, the platform has further...

Apr 17 2021

Mar 16 2021

Will Oracle Buy Bitcoin?

Mar 16 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  corporate treasury markets oracle

Bitcoiners have speculated that computer technology corporation Oracle will announce a major bitcoin allocation. If it doesn’t, it should.Following Tesla’s $1.5 billion purchase of bitcoin, Bitcoiners are patiently waiting for the next big-name institution to allocate their treasury to BTC. One of the most...

Feb 18 2021

Bitcoin Was More Profitable for Tesla than Automobile Sales in the Final Three Months of 2020

Tesla announced its $1.5 billion investment in bitcoin. The BTC position made more than $365 million in just one day, February 8 to February 9. This profit is more than the company's profit in the last quarter of 2020 from selling automobiles.

Feb 12 2021

IOTA Oracle Service Reminds Users of Project’s Centralization

Feb 12 2021 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  iota oracle technology

IOTA has launched a new oracle for users to push verifiable off-chain data onto the Tangle directly. Off-Chain Data on Tangle IOTA was first designed to help IoT systems better share data. The network is based on directed acyclic graph (DAG) technology called...

Feb 09 2021

Is Oracle Founder Larry Ellison Planning to buy Bitcoin next?

Feb 09 2021 Published at Coingape under tags  bitcoin bitcoin news btcbrl btcbusd btcdai

Larry Ellison, the renowned American investor, and co-founder of Oracle could follow in the footsteps of Elon Musk and add Bitcoin to his company's balance sheet just like...

Feb 01 2021

Kraken to Run Chainlink Node, Making Spot Prices Available to DeFi Apps

Feb 01 2021 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  kraken nodes oracle oracles technology

Kraken's new Chainlink node will make the exchange's spot prices available to DeFi applications and other blockchains. Kraken's Oracle Data Now Accessible in DeFi Kraken today announced that it...

Sep 26 2020

Reef Integrates Chainlink Price Reference Data

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform Reef will now enjoy secure and reliable price reference data from popular decentralized oracle platform Chainlink. According to reports, the oracle platform will power Reef's cross-chain asset management platform. Chainlink oracle integration will also open Reef up to top-notch price feeds presented in both ETH and DOT. These price feeds will help determine atomic swaps exchange rates and also...

TomoChain to Integrate Bluzelle Decentralized Oracles

Web 3.0 decentralized platform Bluzelle has announced a strategic partnership with blockchain platform TomoChain. The partnership will provide the PoS blockchain platform with reliable real-time price oracles. Such real-time prices will provide TomoChain with the means to offer better Defi services to developers. According to the...

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