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May 14 2022

An Open Letter To A Bitcoin-Doubting Friend On Wall Street

Being employed by Wall Street colors how some people view Bitcoin. This letter is an attempt to lead one such person to the Bitcoin rabbit hole.Dear Wall Street friend, I write this letter because I like you. I know we have our differences, especially in terms of how we view the financial institutions that dominated the last century of history, but I...

Mar 28 2022

Early To Bitcoin — How To More Effectively Orange-Pill Your Friends and Family

Sharing Bitcoin with people can sometimes be difficult, so here are some tips on how to do so.As a diehard bitcoin maximalist, I find myself evangelizing for bitcoin every day. The last 24 months (wow) of money printing and government overreach have really proved out a lot of the truths Bitcoiners hold. Separating money and state will likely be the most important...

Feb 26 2022

How Bitcoin Ends Injustice And The Importance Of Orange-Pilling Activists

It is obvious that the world cares about injustice, but the incentives systems of money must align with justice in order for solutions to occur.Decoupling Exploitation From Gain: How Bitcoin Ends Injustice And The Importance of Orange-Pilling The Activist CommunityTens of millions of people in the United States consider themselves activist- and social justice- minded; individuals engaged in some form of...

Dec 03 2021

The Remnant, The Parasite And The Masses

Members of the Remnant are inclined toward Bitcoin, while the other classes of society, the parasites and masses, remain antagonistic or ignorant.A Psychological Analysis Of The Core ArchetypesIn September 2021, I wrote a piece called “Bitcoiners Are The Remnant, The Masses Don’t Matter.”It was inspired by the incredible...

Oct 13 2021

Discussing Bitcoin FOMO: "Take The Time You Can"

Oct 13 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture fomo orange pill podcast video

In a fireside chat with podcaster Dennis Porter, he covered discussing Bitcoin with those who don't get it yet.Watch This Episode On YouTubeListen To This Episode:...

Oct 12 2021

Taking The Orange Pill: A Theory Or Reality?

Oct 12 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture ideas orange pill

Bitcoin is the opportunity to free yourself from monetary bondage through knowledge. The goal of orange pilling someone has nothing to do with drugs. It is the notion that...

Aug 23 2021

The Bitcoin Lifestyle Of Stacy Herbert And Max Keiser

With media careers spanning decades and utterly maximalist outlooks, Stacy Herbert and Max Keiser are defining the Bitcoin lifestyle.Stacy Herbert met Max Keiser in a French internet café in 2003. To that point, her media career had been primarily spent behind the scenes as a script consultant and “development girl” in Hollywood and the stories Keiser was telling her about banking and...

Aug 02 2021

Bull Bitcoin’s Pleb.Hodl On The Importance Of Orange Pills

Pleb.Hodl, Bull Bitcoin’s new head of marketing, discussed his rabbit hold journey and the importance of welcoming precoiners.Watch This Episode On YouTubeListen To This Episode:...

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