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Apr 09 2021

$CAKE Price Surges 30% WoW As PancakeSwap Preps for Initial Farm Offering 2.0

$CAKE, the native cryptocurrency of BSC-based platform PancakeSwap has gained 10% today hitting its all-time high of $22.30 with its market cap crossing $3.3 billion. Over the last week, $CAKE price has delivered a strong performance gaining 30%....

Apr 08 2021

DEX liquidity provider PancakeSwap now available on SWFT Blockchain

CryptoNinjas » DEX liquidity provider PancakeSwap now available on SWFT Blockchain SWFT Blockchain, a cross-chain exchange protocol, has...

CAKE Price Prediction

Apr 08 2021 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  cake pancakeswap technical analysis

PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange running on Binance Smart Chain, with lots of features that let you earn and win tokens. Like Uniswap is for Ethereum, PancakeSwap is for Binance Smart Chain. The difference is that it is much faster and way cheaper as it is built on BSC. PancakeSwap wants to maximize the feedback loop of earning, staking, and earning again and...

Mar 27 2021

PancakeSwap DEX Closes on Uniswap for Daily Volumes

The Binance Smart Chain-based PancakeSwap decentralized exchange has grown so fast that it is closing in on industry leader Uniswap for daily volume. In a March 25 tweet, PancakeSwap proudly announced that it has been added to Debank’s DeFi listings and actually surpassed Uniswap to rank at the top. By the following day, Uniswap had regained its crown, but the two DEXes were...

Mar 20 2021

B21 Enters DeFi – Immense Growth expected

B21 Invest, the simplified crypto portfolio app that aims to bring crypto and DeFi to the mainstream achieved a significant milestone recently. According to the official blog, the ERC-20 B21 token has been revamped as a BEP-20 BB21 token. This has enabled its listing on Pancakeswap, one of the leading decentralized exchanges (DEX). As a result of the revamp, the token has added...

Mar 18 2021

XRT is available On PancakeSwap

Mar 18 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  industry pancakeswap

In 2021, the Robonomics team entered into a partnership with Anyswap and developed the bridge of $XRT ERC-20 to BEP-20 launch. It allows starting XRT trading on PancakeSwap, the biggest DEX on BSC, on March 16th....

Mar 15 2021

PancakeSwap and CREAM Finance Suffer DNS Attack

The cryptocurrency space, since its inception, has suffered at the hands of nefarious individuals looking to rob unsuspecting people of their funds. Many crypto platforms and projects have had to close shop or file for bankruptcy following an unprecedented hack. PancakeSwap, the popular DEX platform built on the recently launched Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and CREAM finance are at the receiving end of...

Mar 13 2021

B21 soars 114% – Crypto Linked Credit Cards Ready to Roll

B21, the platform that aims to build a complete ecosystem around crypto investing announced some major updates today. According to the official tweet, the team conducted a successful trial run of the industry’s first crypto- linked credit cards in Japan. The team is super excited as the trial run was a huge success and the orders have been pouring in. The best part is...

Mar 03 2021

How to use PancakeSwap – Guide

Mar 03 2021 Published at CryptoTicker under tags  crypto pancakeswap

PancakeSwap has become the most famous decentralized exchange beating Uniswap with $3.2 billion in total value locked and more trading volume. The platform works on top of the Binance Smart Chain which means there are fewer fees and it's faster. What do you need to start using PancakeSwap To connect to PancakeSwap, you will need one of the following browser extensions: Metamask, Trustwallet,...

Feb 22 2021

Price Analysis: Top 3 Coins to Watch Week 8- DOT, CAKE, & BTC

Today, Bitcoin took a steep plummet as it dropped by around 19% to reach as low as $46,735. The coin has since recovered pretty quickly and is now trading back above $52,000.

Top 3 Coins to Watch – Week 8

The cryptocurrency market has experienced a very rapid growth in the 2021 and while the growth stalls a bit occasionally, there is no trend reversal in sight just yet. This week’s selection consists of three cryptocurrencies that are hopefully going to continue push the total crypto market capitalization further up. Two out of three cryptocurrencies featured in this week’s top three coins to...

Feb 11 2021

DeFi DEX PancakeSwap Surges as Yield Farmers Seek Gas Savings

With transaction fees on Ethereum hitting peak levels, crypto traders and yield farmers are flocking to alternatives that are seeing a surge in volumes and token prices. PancakeSwap is an automated market maker, similar to Uniswap, but based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and its BEP20 token standard. It is, therefore, not plagued by those painful gas fees that current Ethereum Layer 1...

Oct 19 2020

Binance-Acquired Swipe Hints at a Potential PancakeSwap Support in Coming Days

Oct 19 2020 Published at Coingape under tags  binance-swipe bnbusd cakeusd defi defi news

Binance's association with food-based tokens is not new. Despite several controversies surrounding these decentralized finance [DeFi] tokens, the Malta-based cryptocurrencies along with other platforms...

Sep 28 2020

Sep 23 2020

Is PancakeSwap The Next Big DeFi Food Farm?

Sep 23 2020 Published at Coingape under tags  binance binance smart chain bnb defi defi news

Another day brings another DeFi food farm and the latest is called PancakeSwap, but is it any different to the clones we’ve seen already? The latest DeFi food farming platform was...

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