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Sep 17 2021

Paraguayan Congressman Would Make Bitcoin Legal Tender If Elected President

Carlitos Rejala, who co-authored a Bitcoin bill in July, said if he wins presidency he will turn bitcoin into an official currency in Paraguay.Yesterday, Paraguayan Congressman Carlitos Rejala shared on Twitter his plans to run for the presidency in 2023 and establish bitcoin as an official currency for his country if he wins. Rejala also co-authored a bill proposal with Senator Silva Facetti...

Aug 05 2021

Sticking To The Regulated Path For Bitcoin In Paraguay

Architects of Paraguay’s Bitcoin legislation argue that its regulatory framework is the best way to foster a mining industry in the country.A few weeks ago, Paraguayan Congressman Carlitos Rejala sent us a translated version of legislation seeking to clarify the legal status of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in his country....

Jul 15 2021

Paraguay ’s Bill To Regulate “Crypto Assets” Misses The Point Entirely

Member of Paraguay 's parliament Carlos Rejala fooled the world with his laser eyes. His supposed “Bitcoin Law” proposal doesn’t even mention Bitcoin. Rejala heard about El Salvador’s news and attached himself to it trying to steal its thunder. He then deployed a Twitter marketing campaign with big promises and ended up disappointing the whole world. Related...

Jul 14 2021

Inside Paraguay’s Proposed Bitcoin Bill

A proposed bill for regulating Bitcoin in Paraguay would require mining licenses and establish investor protections.In a WhatsApp conversation I had with Paraguayan Congressman Carlitos Rejala, he shared the draft of a bill meant to regulate Bitcoin in Paraguay.“With this we want to welcome the innovation of cryptocurrencies in Paraguay to the world,'' Rejala said over WhatsApp. “This is the result...

Jul 10 2021

This Country Could Make Bitcoin a Legal Tender After El Salvador

Jul 10 2021 Published at Coingape under tags  bitcoin bill bitcoin news btcbrl btcbusd btcdai

El Salvador, the small Latin American state created history in June after it became the first country to pass Bitcoin as a legal tender. The Bitcoin Bill was passed by the country's congress with a resounding majority and the President assured the decision was no gimmick. Now El Salvador could be joined by another Latin The post This Country Could Make Bitcoin a...

Jul 09 2021

Crypto Entrepreneurs From Paraguay Chip In: Is A Bitcoin Law On The Cards?

When El Salvador announced that Bitcoin would be legal tender in their country, the clock started ticking. What country, if any, would follow in their footsteps? Paraguay was one of the most likely candidates, and member of parliament Carlos Rejala’s...

Jun 24 2021

American University Of Paraguay To Accept Tuition Payments In Bitcoin

The American University of Paraguay will accept bitcoin tuition payments, ahead of forthcoming bitcoin legislation in the country.The American University of Paraguay shared on Twitter that it will accept tuition payments in bitcoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies, beginning on August 1, 2021."From August 1, you will be able to pay...

Jun 17 2021

Jun 07 2021

Paraguay Hints at Making Bitcoin a Legal Tender After El Salvador

Jun 07 2021 Published at Coingape under tags  bitcoin news bitcoin price btcbrl btcbusd btcdai

Bitcoin has reached the legal tender stage where countries have started to show interest in adding BTC to their state treasury...

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