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Mar 25 2022

Bitcoin Is Peace For The 9/11 Generation: Wars On The Abstract

A society built on endless war is only possible given the power to print endless money to finance it.For full context, make sure you read Part One of this two-part series before continuing. In it, we discussed how the United States’ irresponsible spending stems from the fiat money system, which allows them to engage in...

Mar 21 2022

Bitcoin Is Peace For The 9/11 Generation: The Dollar Is Not Safe

The perpetual warfare of the last two decades will lose its source of funding as we transition from fiat money to Bitcoin.Bitcoin Is Peace For The 9/11 Generation, Part OneEndless Wars – Endless PrintingSunday, April 29, 2001: for four months and 13 days, I was alive prior to the attacks on September 11. For practically my entire life, the United...

Mar 01 2022

The Bitcoin Epoch And Mohandas K. Gandhi

How do the attributes of Bitcoin relate to the values of love and harmony that Mohandas Gandhi placed such importance on?Quotes beneath headers are attributed to Mohandas K. Gandhi.My goal in writing this piece is not simply to provide the reader with a small window into Mohandas Gandhi as a thinker, teacher, guru and mortal man, but to see how we...

Jan 26 2022

Abundant Power, Open Trade Enabled By Bitcoin Is Path To Peace

The cheap, abundant energy and open trade enabled by Bitcoin will make humanity significantly more peaceful.The below is a direct excerpt of Marty's Bent Issue #1150: "The path to peace and prosperity." Sign up for the newsletter here....

Oct 29 2021

Bitcoin Is The Peaceful Protest That Palestinians Need

Oct 29 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture freedom israel palestine peace

With Palestinians excluded from financial services and unable to achieve independence in the fiat system, the country needs Bitcoin.Palestine’s economy is struggling from severe internal and external constraints under the Israeli occupation. Israel-imposed economic and social restrictions...

Oct 05 2021

Bitcoin Embodies Nikola Tesla's Vision For Peace And Energy Abundance

As an arbiter of truth for the most reliable and cheapest forms of energy, Bitcoin can enable Nikola Tesla’s vision of a peaceful, abundant energy future.Many attempts to bring about the permanent end state of war can be found throughout history. “The war to end war,” mutual assured...

Sep 13 2021

World Peace And The Bitcoin Charity

Sep 13 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  charity culture dca non-profits peace

Bitcoin will ultimately “fix the money” and enable world peace, but we can bring this future about more quickly through contributions to the Bitcoin charity.In July 2021, during an event featuring Cathie Wood, Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk, the panelists were asked: “What do you hope for Bitcoin?” Dorsey replied, “My...

Aug 12 2021

Can Bitcoin Usher In An Era Of World Peace?

How Bitcoin's proof-of-work consensus mechanism is a peaceful alternative to the predominant consensus mechanism: warring militaries.The below article was originally published in Marty's Bent Issue #1053: "Mutually Assured Preservation."...

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