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May 27 2022

The Rise Of Sovereign Computing With Personal Servers

Personal servers, like Umbrel and Start9’s Embassy, are ways for people to have more control over data and become more sovereign in the process.Pascal Hügli is a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration in Zurich where he teaches students about Bitcoin.In human affairs, action is a fundamental force. It was the great Austrian economist, Ludwig von...

Apr 15 2022

Access Denied: How Ledn Protected Client Data From The Recent HubSpot Breach

Automation platforms help companies step up their marketing, but also come with risks. Companies can protect their clients’ data with help from this guide.Over the last weeks and months, a number of cryptocurrency companies, large and small, have fallen victim to data leaks from marketing service providers. The recent data breach suffered by...

Mar 31 2022

How decentralized identities can save us from surveillance capitalism in Web3

The dawn of the metaverse raises new questions about user protection and data- driven advertising. This new world is hinging on immersive technology that could allow companies to collect new kinds of personal information and even biometric data. In a worst-case scenario, Web3 and the metaverse could be just as bad for user data security as are the...

Aug 15 2021

KYC Will Not Protect Us, Bitcoin And Encryption Will

Aug 15 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  aml culture encryption kyc personal data

As regulators attempt to institute KYC and AML rules at the peril of our personal data, Bitcoin and encryption offer salvation.Our world is filled with atrocious threats, crimes and violence. Human trafficking, child abuse, state- sponsored violence, terrorism and a laundry list of other heinous acts require tools to fight back and ultimately reduce their frequency to as close to zero as possible....

Aug 10 2021

Monetizing Your Own Data With Bitcoin

The team at BYOD discussed their solution for helping users monetize their own data using Bitcoin.Watch This Episode On YouTubeListen To This Episode:...

May 14 2021

Argentina Authorities Require Bitcoin Exchanges To Provide Transaction Data

Government authorities in Argentina are requiring cryptocurrency exchanges in the country to provide monthly data on users and transactions.Despite various anti-free market policies discouraging bitcoin use in Argentina, adoption has continued to accelerate in the capital control-stricken country. In the government’s most recent move, the Federal...

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