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Feb 16 2021

Mazer Gaming Gives Back Tournament Returns To Propel Bitcoin Adoption

This is a promoted article provided by Mazer Gaming. Mazer Gaming, an esports and entertainment organization, has just announced the second edition of its popular Mazer Gaming Gives Back tournament series. Last May, Mazer Gaming hosted their first crypto-infused charity tournament, partnering with The Giving Block to raise money for Us4Warriors in crypto donations. This event was held on “Super Smash Bros.,” a...

Mazer Gaming Gives Back Tournament Returns To Propel Bitcoin Adoption

Promoted: Mazer Gaming has announced the second edition of its cryptocurrency- fueled charity esports tournament.This is a promoted article provided by Mazer Gaming.Mazer Gaming, an esports and...

Jan 25 2021

Why Your Nonprofit Should Be Thinking About Bitcoin

Jan 25 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  adoption nonprofit philanthropy

"As a rule, nonprofits are more money-conscious than business enterprises are," wrote the great management author Peter Drucker. Nonprofits could always use more money than they have available, and it is quite hard to raise money. While money is on everyone's mind within nonprofits, the risks of holding larger amounts of money in cash or other...

Nov 24 2020

The Virtuous Cycle of Bitcoin Giving

Higher Prices Mean More Giving. More Giving Means More Adoption Bitcoin has left every other asset class in the dust. And that outperformance didn’t just take place this year — it’s outperformed every asset over the last five-year and 10-year periods. As we approach a new all time high, 99 percent of bitcoin owners are in profit. Given how rapidly bitcoin has appreciated,...

Aug 28 2020

Our Hero Hal: Fundraising For A Bitcoin Visionary

Hal Finney is remembered as one of the early pioneers of Bitcoin, a peer-to- peer electronic cash system, and an advocate for widespread use of cryptography to help enhance people's privacy. Finney was one of the biggest defenders and supporters of Bitcoin from its earliest days. He rose...

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