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May 27 2022

STEPN To Ban All Mainland Chinese Users, GMT Token Drops Nearly 20% Over the Past 24 Hours

STEPN will stop serving all users in China to comply with the country’s policies on cryptocurrencies. The GMT token tanked following the news, dropping nearly 20% over the past 24 hours. Play-to-earn games and similar services are starting to get the attention of lawmakers. Web3 app STEPN has announced that it will ban all of its users in China due to the country’s...

Apr 22 2022

Play-to-earn games see 2000% increase in user-base

Apr 22 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  ethereum gamefi p2e play to earn polygon

Play-to-earn games have become increasingly popular and have recorded over 2000% in their user base within the first quarter, according to a DappRadar report. The user base...

Apr 13 2022

What Are Play To Earn Games? Here Are The Top 3 Upcoming P2E Games!

Play-to-earn games are slowly gaining traction, creating an avenue for players to earn money through gaming. Unlike conventional games, P2E games are blockchain-based games that give people incentives by winning tokens. Gamers receive these tokens in-game but can decide to sell them for fiat currency, earning them real income. Many of these games leverage...

Apr 12 2022

The 5 Best Play To Earn Crypto Games 2022

Over 400 blockchain games were released in 2021, paving the way for a highly competitive industry filled with unique "Play to Earn" mechanisms to incentivize players. Many of these blockchain-based games allow players to generate income directly by fulfilling in-game objectives; since the games...

Apr 05 2022

What is Play2earn Crypto? Here’s how you can Earn Money while GAMING!

Apr 05 2022 Published at CryptoTicker under tags  crypto defi nft p2e basics play 2 earn

Play2earn is a long-awaited dream for gaming lovers, which is coming true. Which gamer doesn't dream of earning money with his hobby? Play2earn now makes it possible. The development, which is mainly driven by blockchain technology, is currently becoming a megatrend.Gaming is one of the biggest growth drivers in the economy. This includes so-called free-to-play games, which allow players to play for...

Mar 31 2022

Start your Play-2-Earn career today! Will it be your day? – Aavegotchi starts in a few hours!

The official CryptoTicker Aavegotchi guild starts today at 2 pm UTC !!! - Play to Earn with CryptoTicker We have >50 Aavegotchis and are looking for playersWe pay you to play We are one of the "official guilds". For this reason, we have opened a Scholarship program. Means, we lend you one of our Gotchis and you can play with it and...

Feb 06 2022

Top 5 Gaming Cryptos To Pick In 2022

Video games are something that everyone can relate to while growing up. It was the best stress buster after school and an exceptional way to explore a parallel universe within a digital space. Perhaps, everyone recalls those wonderful Mario moments or Contra quests. As a result of increasing fascination to entertain oneself through role-plays, action & adventure, the gaming industry turned massive, amassing ...

Jan 02 2022

THIS is how you can Generate Passive Income with Cryptos in 2022

The year 2022 is just around the corner and you have probably set yourself big goals in the new year. A dream of many people is to earn a passive income alongside their job and possibly even get off the hamster wheel. With cryptocurrencies, you have a good opportunity to start building your passive income in 2022. In this article, we're going...

Dec 31 2021

Play2Earn Crypto Basics – Here are the BEST GAMES for 2022

Over the years, the digital asset space has seen various improvements, particularly in gaming. Programmers have embraced cryptocurrencies to make games better while building an avenue for wealth creation. Today, play 2 earn games are fun and excellent for every game lover. So, if you enjoy gaming, you might benefit extensively from play 2 earn games. Games have moved...

Dec 16 2021

Everything You Should Know About Wilder World Crypto Game

Dec 16 2021 Published at CryptoTicker under tags  blockchain crypto defi nft play to earn

Thanks to growing interests in related products, there have been many new projects in the digital asset space. The community has numerous NFTs and metaverses, pushing the narrative to greater grounds. One of the newest projects drawing interest is Wilder World. This metaverse is a project focused on the NFT industry. Many creatives have leveraged NFT technology to sell...

Dec 13 2021

Rise of Play to Earn – Why MOBOX Crypto Occupies All the Limelight?

Dec 13 2021 Published at CryptoTicker under tags  altcoin crypto defi metaverse mobox

The childhood memories are still fresh when parents used to yell at us playing video games. Without a doubt, it was a wonderful pastime; nonetheless criticized for being futile. Fast forward to 20 years, we are on the brink of innovation. Gaming is no longer a time wastage; rather a fad now. Surprise surprise, but Moritz Baier-Lentz, the author at BitKraft ventures funded...

Dec 08 2021

Seedify Announces IGO for its Game, Spark Era

In a post shared on Twitter, Seedify announced the...

Dec 07 2021

The NFT project SIDUS Heroes disrupting the landscape of Digital Gaming

Not many people know that MMO games generated huge digital economies long before eSports and streaming made video gaming a profession. These systems laid the groundwork for future video game economies that...

Oct 01 2021

How to Earn with NFTs in This Booming Industry

Oct 01 2021 Published at AirdropAlert under tags  airdrops guides news nft play to earn

At Airdrop Alert, we're always at the frontlines of the crypto industry. We educate our community on different ways to earn crypto. Plus, we're keeping an eye on the rising trends that happen on different blockchains. If you check the timestamp, we were one of the first platforms to explain what NFTs are, and today […] The post How to Earn with NFTs...

Sep 13 2021

Play to Earn: How Gamers are Earning $1,500 Every Month

Sep 13 2021 Published at AirdropAlert under tags  crypto earn news nft play to earn

In the past decade or two, the gaming industry has evolved dramatically, from hand-held gaming devices to sophisticated VR consoles. Since their inception, though, video games have been popular among a sizable section of the global population. So much so that the gaming market is currently at $178 billion in 2021, expected to surpass $268.8 […] The post...

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