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May 12 2022

Is Bitcoin Changing The Way The Left Thinks?

As inflation leaves young Democrats with few options for acquiring wealth, some voters are challenging party leaders’ perspective on Bitcoin.I’ve always considered myself a left-leaning progressive type… or, in my mind, someone who prides themselves on putting the needs of everyday folk over corporate interests or the wealthy few.I grew up in a coastal city with liberal parents, went to progressive...

Apr 17 2022

No Ted Cruz, Bitcoin Is Not Anti-Leftist; Bitcoin Is Apolitical

Politicians like Ted Cruz often try to force Bitcoin into their political paradigm, but Bitcoin is apolitical and doesn’t fit into any category.Riding on Canada’s “Freedom Convoy” protests, Republican Senator Ted Cruz triumphantly took to the stage to embrace Bitcoin in a recent, highly publicized CPAC event. In a typically pro-Republican tirade, Cruz blasted his political opponents from Justin Trudeau and...

Feb 14 2022

A Letter To Conservatives Who Don’t Yet Hold Bitcoin

Here’s why adopting bitcoin is the most important action conservatives can take today.Dear Conservatives, I was blessed to have been surrounded by many positive, conservative role models during my childhood. Otherwise, I would probably be another leftist zoomer that has replaced family with the government and God with the self. Values that were once commonplace in the west:...

Dec 11 2021

Why Bitcoin Represents The Ultimate Single-Issue Voting Bloc

The incentive to vote for pro-bitcoin politicians is incredibly strong and will only grow over time.Modern “single issues”: Gun rights, gay rights, marijuana, and environmental activists all have something in common: Each one has a dedicated group of passionate individuals who fight every day to push its agenda socially and politically. They do this by effectively pressuring corporations and politicians to show...

Dec 09 2021

Bitcoin And The Orange Party

Bitcoiners will shape the American political system, and they can and should work to proactively bring about proper Bitcoin legislation.Bitcoin is for everyone. Not only is Bitcoin for everyone, Bitcoin is the first financial system that doesn't even require you to be a human to use it. Eventually, inanimate objects, artificial intelligence scripts, self-driving vehicles and non-human intelligence alike will all...

Sep 16 2021

Bitcoin, Voting Blocs And The Effect On Bipartisanship

The steady polarization of society we are currently undergoing may be reversed with a bitcoin standard.There Are Always TwoPolarity is a staple of our existence: North and south, good and evil, black and white, Jedi and Sith, Marvel and DC. Middle grounds and tertiary options often become consumed by the intense opposing forces at the edge. These gray areas often find...

Apr 20 2021

Why I Would Not Vote For A Bitcoin Party

Apr 20 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture political parties politics

The ideals which Bitcoin was founded upon are in direct opposition to those which bind political parties and ideologies.If an election one day comes where an “orange party” is on the ballot, they will not have my vote. The beauty of Bitcoin is that it does not need a formal political party in order to enact change. It will continue to consume...

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