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May 12 2022

Is Bitcoin Changing The Way The Left Thinks?

As inflation leaves young Democrats with few options for acquiring wealth, some voters are challenging party leaders’ perspective on Bitcoin.I’ve always considered myself a left-leaning progressive type… or, in my mind, someone who prides themselves on putting the needs of everyday folk over corporate interests or the wealthy few.I grew up in a coastal city with liberal parents, went to progressive...

May 02 2022

Pierre Poilievre Wants To Bring Bitcoin Adoption to Canada

Canadian politics has transformed from “unimpressive and unambitious” to an exciting new policy direction that includes Bitcoin at the center.In a first for Canada, Conservative Party leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre is campaigning to bring Bitcoin adoption to Canadians as a way to give people control and autonomy over their own finances.To large crowds, unprecedented for a party leadership campaign,...

Apr 17 2022

No Ted Cruz, Bitcoin Is Not Anti-Leftist; Bitcoin Is Apolitical

Politicians like Ted Cruz often try to force Bitcoin into their political paradigm, but Bitcoin is apolitical and doesn’t fit into any category.Riding on Canada’s “Freedom Convoy” protests, Republican Senator Ted Cruz triumphantly took to the stage to embrace Bitcoin in a recent, highly publicized CPAC event. In a typically pro-Republican tirade, Cruz blasted his political opponents from Justin Trudeau and...

Feb 03 2022

Eric Adams — Let’s Get Your Salary Paid In Bitcoin!

While the next mayor of New York City has promised to be an ally for Bitcoin, the city is right now one of the most hostile locations for cryptocurrency.Dear Mayor Adams, I would like to start by congratulating you on your election as mayor of New York City. As you are a lifelong public servant to the city, I can imagine how...

Jan 31 2022

Mission Critical: Orange-Pill The Orange Man

Why is it imperative that Bitcoiners explain the benefits of Bitcoin to Donald Trump?Bitcoin capital does not care where it resides. It will go wherever it gets the best treatment. I want the United States of America to be the best place for Bitcoin capital and the Bitcoin industry. I want my home country to be a part of the future instead...

Dec 17 2021

This Is Bitcoin’s Moment, Don’t Let Politicians Waste It

Dec 17 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture politicians politics

Bitcoin offers an incredible advantage for America as we head into the future — and the opportunity cannot be squandered.The United States has always been the global financial leader in my lifetime. But at the moment, government leaders are missing an opportunity to empower Americans to utilize digital currencies. Our incomprehensible unwillingness to embrace digital currency puts our mantle of leadership at...

Nov 20 2021

Bitcoin Versus The People's Ledger

In a comparison of bitcoin and the idealized financial system of Saule Omarova, we find a clear superiority in the real world use of bitcoin.Rumblings from the belly of the Washington beast are being heard in the bitcoin world. President Joe Biden has generated tremendous controversy by nominating Saule Omarova to head the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). Brian...

Nov 05 2021

Politicians Across The World Advocate For Bitcoin As The Benefits Become Obvious

It seems that it’s becoming a trend for politicians to espouse the benefits of bitcoin — and that's not a bad thing!The Week Of Political AdvocatesThis week turned out to be rather interesting as politicians across the world sent out pro-bitcoin sentiments with the biggest step being mayors across the U.S. planning on receiving their salaries in bitcoin. Despite all that,...

Oct 30 2021

Bitcoin ETFs And Politicians Being Bullish

The week was filled with amazing headlines, including bitcoin ETFs and bullish politicians, that seemed worlds away just a short time ago.Summary of the WeekDespite some relative sideways action during the week, there was a lot of excellent news and even more bullish news; a new layout for this week’s roundup. It was another week of ETFs, billionaires and politicians being...

Jan 18 2021

Former Canadian Prime Minister Lists Bitcoin as Possible Future Reserve Currency

Jan 18 2021 Published at CoinDesk under tags  canada cbdcs markets news policy & regulation

Stephen Harper said "the number of things that people use as reserves will expand," but the U.S. dollar will still retain its dominant role.

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