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Apr 06 2021

Bitcoin: Revolutionary Money In A Time Of Universal Deceit

Apr 06 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture politics wikileaks

Conspiratorial attempts to maintain and control power are going to be made obsolete in a world of truthful money via Bitcoin.George Orwell is reputed to have said, “In a time of universal deceit, speaking truth to power is a revolutionary act.” Over a decade ago in the spring of 2010, WikiLeaks burst onto the global stage with the...

Mar 12 2021

Token Taxonomy Act Gets Reintroduced

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Token Taxonomy Act has been re-tabled more than two years after it was first submitted The act hopes to distinguish digital assets from other securities and change their taxation The Token Taxonomy Act has failed to make it to the vote...

Mar 03 2021

How Will The Biden Administration Affect BTC?

How will a Democratic administration in the U.S impact bitcoin regulation and the BTC price over the next four years?Joe Biden is officially the 46th president of the United States and the Democratic Party is back in power. We are all already aware of how this has affected the price of bitcoin — coincidence or not, the BTC price has more than...

Biden SEC Pick Gary Gensler Vague Over Crypto Regulation

Reading Time: 2 minutes Gary Gensler was vague when discussing cryptocurrency regulation yesterday Joe Biden’s SEC chair pick sounded tougher on platforms like Robinhood Gensler teaches on blockchain and cryptocurrency at MIT’s Sloan School Joe Biden’s pick for...

Feb 27 2021

Nigerian Cryptocurrency Traders Defying Crackdown

Reading Time: 2 minutes Nigerian cryptocurrency traders are defying the recent central bank crackdown The Central Bank of Nigeria warned against crypto trading, but this hasn’t stopped traders from wanting to learn how to do it Many Nigerian cryptocurrency traders see...

Feb 24 2021

Powell: U.S. Looking “Very Carefully” at Digital Dollar

Reading Time: 2 minutes Federal Reserve chairman Jay Powell yesterday said that the Fed was looking “very carefully” at a digital dollar Powell added his backing for the development of a CBDC but added that there was pressure to “get it right” Countries like China are...

Feb 13 2021

Bitcoin Integrated into Miami Public Finances in U.S. First

Reading Time: 2 minutes Bitcoin will be integrated into the public finance system of Miami, mayor Francis Suarez has confirmed Suarez chaired a meeting of the city council on Thursday, during which his “crypto-forward” plans were rubber stamped City employees will be...

Feb 10 2021

Miami Mayor Wants Bitcoin on the Books

Reading Time: 2 minutes Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has said he wants to add Bitcoin to the city’s balance sheet Suarez cited Tesla’s adoption of Bitcoin as “very helpful” The Miami mayor is working on a resolution to achieve the goal The mayor of Miami, Francis...

Feb 08 2021

Nigerian Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Limbo After Ban

Reading Time: 2 minutes Nigerian cryptocurrencies have been left in Limbo after the central bank banned banks from dealing with them The edict came out of the blue and had left customers worried for their deposits Nigerian cryptocurrency exchanges have moved to reassure...

Jan 27 2021

Yellen to Seek “Effective Regulatory Framework” for Crypto

Reading Time: 2 minutes Janet Yellen has been confirmed as the first female Treasury Secretary in U.S. history Dr. Yellen caused a stir in the crypto community when she said in her confirmation hearing that cryptocurrencies were “of particular concern” Her written...

Jan 26 2021

State of Crypto: Unpacking the Trump Presidency’s Crypto Legacy

Donald Trump may have been anti-crypto but his appointed regulators ushered in a largely industry-friendly regime.

Jan 17 2021

Chainalysis Traces $522,000 Extremist Bitcoin Donation

Jan 17 2021 Published at FullyCrypto under tags  america bitcoin bitcoin news crime politics

Reading Time: 2 minutes Chainalysis has traced a $522,000 Bitcoin donation to various U.S. alt right groups sent from a French exchange in December The ₿28.15 donation was split between 22 recipients, with Nick Fuentes being the largest...

Jan 15 2021

The Sudden, Unexpected End of Crypto Tribalism

Jan 15 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  community politics

"The lower the stakes, the more intense the dispute." Sayre's Law The Narcissism Of Small Differences Bitcoin and the crypto world have enjoyed a phenomenal decade. Despite the fact that Bitcoin is perhaps the most disruptive technology to the status quo...

Dec 22 2020

2020 Pitted Bitcoin Against The Great Reset

Dec 22 2020 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  eoy 2020 politics

2020 was unforgettable, especially for Bitcoin. To help memorialize this year for our readers, we asked our network of contributors to reflect on Bitcoin’s price action, technological development, community growth and more in 2020, and to reflect on what all of this might mean for 2021. These writers responded with a collection of thoughtful and thought-provoking articles. Click here...

Dec 11 2020

Women in Tech Say Proposed STABLE Act Harms Those It Claims to Protect

Women of color from the cryptocurrency industry are concerned the STABLE Act would make wealth disparities in the U.S. much worse.

Dec 10 2020

Ukrainian Politician Discloses Owning $24M in Privacy Coin Monero

Dec 10 2020 Published at CoinDesk under tags  monero news policy & regulation politics ukraine

The city council member in Kramatorsk, Ukraine, bought 185,000 XMR in 2015 when the cryptocurrency's price was well below $1.

Dec 04 2020

Bolivia Essentially Banned Crypto but Blockchain Advocates Are Pushing Back

Bolivia is one of the rare countries that has essentially banned cryptocurrency, but the nation's blockchain advocates aren't giving up.

Nov 27 2020

New York Times Pans Coinbase’s Race Policies

The New York Times published a piece today denouncing Coinbase's handling of Black workers today, reigniting a controversy that has been underway since September. New York Times Denounces Coinbase The New York Times reports that 23 of...

Nov 18 2020

Nov 17 2020

Bitcoin Responds To American Vote Of No Confidence In Electoral Politics

The 2020 U.S. Presidential Election swept over the nation with chaos and turmoil. The election mess, with alleged voter fraud, ballot tampering and the removal of Republican election observers challenged the notion of a fair and free election. On the Saturday after Election Day, when major news networks and the Associated Press called the...

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