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May 07 2022

Polkadex Wins Parachain Auction 16

Polkadex has the goal of being the best p2p DeFi exchange across chains. They built their exchange on Substrate and like Polkadot's pledge of interoperability. And now they can fulfill the mission since they won auction 16 for a parachain slot. IT'S OFFICIAL...

May 04 2022

Just-In: Polkadot (DOT) Debuts Powerful Parachain Messaging System XCM

Polkadot (DOT) is still on a mission to advance its platform’s development. Polkadot is a nominated proof of stake Blockchain (NPoS) that allows for the transfer of tokens and data among cross-blockchains. On the 4th of May, Polkadot announced the launch of XCM. Polkadot’s XCM is aimed at advancing parachain communication XCM, which was just...

Apr 15 2022

Polkadex Parachain Auction #14 Update

Apr 15 2022 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  auction defi polkadex polkadot parachain

The auction for Polkadot parachain #14 finished. This is the auction that Polkadex participated in. Each auction lasts for a week. A nice touch is that nobody knows exactly when the auction actually ends. This is to prevent last- minute manipulation by one of the participants. After each auction, there is a three-day period, before the next auction starts. So, come April 17th, a...

Apr 08 2022

Polkadex Is in the Race for a Polkadot Parachain

Apr 08 2022 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  auction defi polkadex polkadot parachain

The Polkadot parachain for the Polkadex crowdloan auction is now at the third batch. As the auction went live again, the PDEX rewards saw an increase. Help Polkadex to secure a parachain and get some handsome rewards. Deposit DOT and get PDEX in return. The Polkadex parachain auction cap is now down to only 1 million DOT. For each DOT you contribute, you...

Mar 15 2022

Efinity Parachain on Polkadot Now Live

Mar 15 2022 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  efinity nft polkadot parachain

Efinity won a Polkadot auction for the 6th parachain spot and now their parachain is live. Per their press release, Efinity says that they are the first NFT-based parachain on Polkadot. They expect to support...

Dec 12 2021

Could Efinity Be the Next Polkadot Parachain Winner?

The Polkadot parachain auction is currently underway. Four projects have also won places in the parachain auction with Efinity showing great potential in becoming the fifth Polkadot parachain winner. Designed by Enjin (ENJ), Efinity is a cross-chain NFT chain facilitating interoperability and a top-notch user experience in the NFT space. The blockchain was also created as a solution and an alternative to Ethereum’s...

Nov 02 2021

Sep 15 2021

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