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Aug 18 2022

Comparison of Polkadot and Cardano Ecosystems

There are many "Ethereum killer" smart contract platforms, all of which claim to have the most up-to-date working methods and claim to be the best blockchain. Most focused on the scalability problem as a priority. Besides, Polkadot aimed to focus on interoperability by connecting other blockchains to its own, and Cardano focused on real-world problems with native smart contracts.

Aug 16 2022

Watr Unveils Collaboration with Parity Technologies as It Brings Its Ethical Commodites Platform to the Polkadot Ecosystem

Watr, a blockchain protocol specialized for financing and trading ethical commodities, is collaborating with Parity Technologies Watr's platform is built using the Substrate framework, and the project is planning to...

Aug 15 2022

Acala Stablecoin aUSD Collapses After Parachain Exploit

Aug 15 2022 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  acala ausd news polkadot

Acala quickly put the network in maintenance mode, pausing on-chain swaps, Polkadot cross-chain communications, and oracle price feeds to keep the stolen funds from leaving the parachain. Acala USD Depegs...

Aug 14 2022

Polkadot Stablecoin Depegs Following $1.2 Billion Acala Network Exploit

TL;DR Acala network, the defi protocol for Polkadot, has suffered a breach, and its stablecoin depegged from the dollar. Acala Network's aUSD stablecoin currently sits below $1, dropping as low as 0.58 at one point. It is reported that hackers collected approximately $1.2 Billion $AUSD. Polkadot's decentralized finance protocol Akala Network is in significant trouble as reports show that the hub suffered a...

LongHash Ventures Rolls Out Web3 Investment Fund Platform Worth $100M

In a new development, LongHash Ventures will launch a $100 million investment fund for the decentralized Web3. With more innovative products, projects, and applications, the crypto space is growing in leaps and bounds. Furthermore, blockchain technology has created more opportunities for extraordinary accomplishments in the industry and other sectors. Yet more advancements and developments are still ongoing in the crypto space. It announced...

Aug 11 2022

Astar Network and Acala Launches New DeFi Initiative

Aug 11 2022 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  acala network defi polkadot

Astar Network, a Polkadot innovation hub, has announced a partnership with Acala, a DeFi network, to boost DeFi activities on Polkadot. Through their collaboration, developers will enjoy new DeFi opportunities under their program titled, "Astar x Acala DeFi Rising ." The Polkadot network's...

Aug 10 2022

Polkadot Might Make an Exit if Dogecoin Price Enters Top 10

Aug 10 2022 Published at Coinscreed under tags  dogecoin news polkadot

Although, the price of Dogecoin (DOGE) has recently increased significantly without much fanfare, the aim still stands out. Hence, this might very well affect the price of Polkadot(DOT) Following the exponential increase in the price of Dogecoin, Polkadot(DOT) price encountered a significant rejection when it approached $10. Therefore, the present downward trend may have an […] The post...

Aug 03 2022

Alchemy Partners With Astar Network To Accelerate Web3 Development on Polkadot

Aug 03 2022 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  polkadot press release web3

Blockchain developer platform Alchemy and innovation hub Astar Network have partnered to supercharge Polkadot development. The move will make it easier for developers to create dApps on Astar Network, Polkadots...

MyEtherWallet launches multi-chain wallet extension for Polkadot (DOT): Enkrypt

MEW (MyEtherWallet), a platform to access the Ethereum ecosystem, has announced the launch of a new cross-chain browser extension, Enkrypt, which will support transactions across Ethereum and Polkadot. For the first time, MEW users will gain...

Jul 24 2022

An Introduction to Parallel Finance

Jul 24 2022 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  bitcoin & crypto guide dapp defi polkadot

Polkadot-based decentralized finance (DeFi) dApp parachain Parallel Finance introduces a unique and cost-effective way to increase earnings and capital efficiency. Parallel Finance facilitates easy entry into the fast-growing DeFi ecosystem with its top-notch interoperable system of dApps. The protocol is currently also touted as a Polkadot-based super dApp parachain. This article is an in-depth introduction to Parallel Finance. It...

Jul 22 2022

Kusama Is Soaring. Can Polkadot Catch Up?

Jul 22 2022 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  kusama markets polkadot trading

The canary network for the Polkadot blockchain, Kusama, has recently enjoyed a rally in the market. However, the technicals point to a brief correction that may allow DOT to take...

Jul 19 2022

DOT is the #3 Coin to Watch for the Week of July 18 – July 24, 2022

In the final hours of last week, the total cryptocurrency market capitalization finally peaked and touched $1 trillion level again. Nevertheless, the cryptocurrency markets entered this week with the valuation of $995 billion, just slightly below the psychological mark. Do you think that this increase in total valuation is the first harbinger of the new upward trend? Surely, we all wish to finally...

Jul 18 2022

Moonsama partners with KILT protocol for SocialKYC integration

Jul 18 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  kilt kyc metaverse moonsama nfts

Polkadot-based NFT project Moonsama has announced that it integrated SocialKYC on its Multiverse Bridge, allowing users to sign in using their wallets instead of usernames and passwords. Moonsama integrated this feature through a partnership with KILTprotocol using its Sporran Wallet and SocialKYC credentials. The new feature allows users to log in to their Moonsama account using SocialKYC credentialst. It will...

Jul 12 2022

Revolut introduces Crypto Learn and Earn feature

Jul 12 2022 Published at Coinscreed under tags  news polkadot revolut

Users of the financial app may now take use of the new feature to learn about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology while earning cryptocurrency incentives. Through the "Learn and Earn" campaign, Revolut, a worldwide banking app, has joined a growing list of businesses supporting bitcoin education. Users are rewarded with cryptocurrency under the idea of being […] The post...

Jul 11 2022

Polkadot And Revolut Launch “Crypto Learn”, Users Can Earn Up To $15 Per Lesson

Jul 11 2022 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  crypto news dot dotusdt polkadot

Financial service platform Revolut launched a crypto educational tool on Polkadot (DOT) and the nascent industry. Aimed at making the jargon and the complexities of the digital asset class easy to understand, Crypto Learn will be comprised of two courses, according to an official post. Related Reading |...

Jun 29 2022

Polkadot announces new decentralized governance model

Jun 29 2022 Published at Coinscreed under tags  polkadot

The founder of Polkadot and Kusama, Gavin Wood, disclosed on Wednesday from Polkadot Decoded in Buenos Aires that the governance structure of the blockchain would change. In the new system, known as Gov2, anyone could start a referendum at any moment and as many times as they wanted, much like starting new blockchain transactions. After […] The post...

Polkadot Unveils New On-Chain Governance Model

Jun 29 2022 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  governance news polkadot

Polkadot founder Gavin Wood announced the new governance structure as part of the Polkadot Decoded 2022 conference. Polkadot Updates Governance Model Cryptos eighth-biggest blockchain is preparing to transform its governance...

Jun 27 2022

Harvest Moon, a New DeFi Ecosystem on Moonbeam

Jun 27 2022 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  defi moonbeam polkadot

Ethereum-compatible smart contract platform Moonbeam is launching a new campaign. Harvest Moon aims to support DeFi activity and the next wave of cross-chain connected apps. Moonbeam is a Polkadot-based and Ethereum- compatible smart contract network launched in January...

Jun 08 2022

Will These Tokens Hold Support?

Cryptocurrency's green market was short-lived, as Bitcoin and all altcoins have fallen today, with the total market valuation plummeting by $80 billion. Some altcoins have risen in value in recent days. Bitcoin's attempt to break through the $32,000 barrier was unsuccessful once again, as the asset's value dropped in hours. Few tokens like DOT, ADA, and BNB held their ground well. Over...

Jun 03 2022

Decentralized crypto trading & DeFi platform Injective adds support for Polkadot assets

Injective, the interoperable smart contracts platform optimized for DeFi apps, announced today it now officially supports Polkadot native assets. The integration enables Injective to be a primary gateway for cross-chain Polkadot assets to enter the Cosmos universe. Support will be made possible via Moonbeam, an...

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