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Mar 30 2022

How high can Polygon Price reach in 2022? MATIC at $5? MATIC $10?

As the Ethereum interoperability framework, Polygon is an extremely interesting network for investors. The price of Polygon's MATIC token has fallen relatively sharply in the last 3 months during the crypto market correction. MATIC is therefore now relatively cheap to buy. Polygon price could evolve...

Jan 26 2022

Polygon MATIC Explained – Buy MATIC in 2022?

Blockchain is good, it is the next future or at the maximum, one of the most pressing sales pitches, banking the unbanked via decentralization. I would personally say enough of that rhetoric until it matures to the next level, as I recall one of my friends wishing to buy a shoe through a blockchain-powered e-commerce store. However, at the time of check-out, he...

Jul 10 2021

Polygon MATIC is a HOT BUY! Here’s Why you need to Buy MATIC

Polygon is a top contender when it comes to scaling Ethereum. When we talk about Ethereum, we talk about smart-contracts and real-life applications of decentralization. Polygon is a project that helps spreading this mission, hence helping projects plug into the...

May 10 2021

Ethereum breaks USD 4,000 and THOSE projects prepare to go HIGHER

Today marks a very important day for the smart-contracts community. Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, broke today the important price of USD 4,000. This is big news not only for the Ethereum community but also for all the projects that are linked to the Ethereum blockchain in one way or another. In this article, we're going...

Apr 27 2021

Is This The Right Time To Invest in Polygon(MATIC)? All You Need To Know

This article is a complete guide on Polygon (previously Matic Network). In the last 90 days, the Polygon price has increased by more than +1200%. Let’s take a look at what is Polygon crypto and is it a good investment?...

Feb 16 2021

How To Stake Aavegotchi GHST Tokens On Polygon (Matic Network) L2 Gas-Free!

Aavegotchi is an Ethereum based NFT/DeFi intersection project, which allows users to farm rare collectibles by staking GHST tokens. The unique crypto- collectibles are classified on the basis of many different traits, including personality, ethereality, body color etc. and rely on the ERC-721 standard, used by other famous collectible projects. But, to begin farming, we must start depositing GHST tokens into the...

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