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Aug 01 2022

SEC Charges 11 Individuals In $300 Million Forsage Ponzi Scheme

Summary: The U.S. SEC shared an update on the Forsage debacle. 11 individuals have been charged in connection with the alleged Ponzi scheme. Four of these persons are believed to be the co-founders of Forsage. Authorities claim that the Forsage team stole over $300 million from retail investors worldwide. Others charged by the agency include social media marketers and members of the promotions...

Jul 20 2022

Experts Reveal Two Major Protocols As Scams, How To Protect Your Crypto

Jul 20 2022 Published at Coingape under tags  crypto scam news ponzi scheme

PeckShield, a blockchain security company, released an alert stating that Freedom Protocol and Raccoon Network, two major crypto protocols, are scams. Moreover, they revealed that the scammers have already transferred about 20 million $BUSD to another address. Freedom Protocol claims to provide a financial asset with the highest fixed APY. It can offer an APY...

Jul 08 2022

Breaking: Celsius Slapped With Lawsuit Calling It A Ponzi Scheme

Jul 08 2022 Published at Coingape under tags  celsius network defi news news ponzi scheme

Beleaguered crypto lender Celsius was sued by a former asset manager on Thursday, who alleged that the firm was an elaborate "Ponzi Scheme." In a...

May 23 2022

NZ Authorities Investigate Crypto Ponzi Scheme

Crypto crimes are surging across the world as bad actors have started exploring new ways to lure investors through short-term high-return schemes.

May 18 2022

Bitcoin Gives Users Total Control Of Their Money

Knowing that I control my money is a type of peace of mind that cannot be provided by a fully “stable” monetary good controlled by central bankers.The below is a direct excerpt of Marty's Bent Issue #1210: “Bitcoin gives you control. That’s the fundamental value.”...

May 15 2022

Crypto Regulators From 5 Countries Identify A Potential $1 Billion Ponzi Scheme

May 15 2022 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  bitcoin crypto news crypto scam j5 nft

In recent months, investing in cryptocurrencies has been challenging. The emerging market has been shaken by radically shifting prices, collapsing assets, and a variety of economic challenges. Since November, as the price of bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, has declined, so have the values of currencies that were once considered safe and secure because they were pegged to the US...

May 12 2022

US Authorities Sentence Crypto Trader to 42 Months in Prison

Illegal crypto activities are rising in the US. With that, financial regulatory and law enforcement authorities have increased their efforts to counter the surging trend.

May 10 2022

The Sky Is Not Falling: Why The Bitcoin Price Doesn’t Matter

The recent bitcoin price action demonstrates that it’s time for a more grown- up culture of building, development and adoption around Bitcoin.“Bear markets are the best time to be alive and in the sector. It’s depressing for those that don’t know what they’re doing, it’s awesome for those that have a longer- term view.” – Simon DixonThe...

Apr 07 2022

Why some people are saying Waves is a ponzi scheme

Algorithmic stablecoin pegged to the US dollar, Neutrino has fallen by 15% from its peg and is now worth around 82 cents instead of a dollar. Neutrino (USDN) is a top ten stablecoin in the market and is backed by Waves token. But the fall in the value of WAVES over the past week means that USDN has also suffered. This has led...

Apr 04 2022

WAVES Price Tumbles 18% Amid Market Manipulation FUD

WAVES, the native token on the eponymous blockchain, slumped as much as 18% overnight amid growing allegations of market manipulation. A new governance proposal to prevent short selling of the token was also lambasted by the crypto...

Apr 01 2022

Is WAVES’ Latest Rally Unsustainable? Crypto Twitter Weighs In

Apr 01 2022 Published at Coingape under tags  altcoin news defi defi news news ponzi scheme

WAVES, the native token on the eponymous blockchain, rallied 84% in the past seven days. But the move raised a lot of eyebrows, considering that the token was rallying...

Mar 08 2022

CFTC Files Charges against Four Operators of $44 Million Crypto Ponzi

The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) announced on Tuesday that it had filed a civil enforcement action to charge four operators for running a $44 million Bitcoin Ponzi scheme.

Mar 01 2022

‪BitConnet’s CEO Flees India After Crackdown Of $2.4 Billion Crypto Ponzi Scheme

The long-standing crypto fraud case against BitConnect, its founder, and promoters is yet to be resolved. The SEC has revealed that Satish Kumbhani, the founder of the crypto exchange, is nowhere to be found. The SEC is searching for BitConnect's indicted founder In a recent court filing, SEC attorney Richard Primoff stated that Kumbhani has The post ‪BitConnet’s CEO Flees India After Crackdown...

BitConnect Founder Charged With Masterminding $2.4 Billion Fraud

It will just be a matter of time until authorities catch up on BitConnect founder Satish Kumbhani and face the charges against him. Kumbhani was accused by a US federal grand jury for orchestrating a $2.4 billion bitcoin Ponzi scam. He was charged with wire fraud, commodities price manipulation, operating an unregistered money transmitting business. Kumbhani also faces conspiracy to commit international money...

Jan 08 2022

Bitcoin Attacks The Ultimate Ponzi Scheme

Centrally managed currencies are similar to Ponzi schemes, and require increasingly dystopian measures to stay afloat.Bitcoin Attacks The Ultimate Ponzi SchemeWho Is Running The Ultimate Ponzi Scheme, And How Do We Stop It?The Ponzi scheme is a simple concept.“A Ponzi...

Sep 14 2021

Bitcoin Fixes The Modern Fiat Ponzi Scheme

The modern financial system is a debt-based pyramid scheme and an investment- based Ponzi Scheme with extra steps. Meme Image from Rick and Morty(8/30/2015)...

Sep 03 2021

BitConnect Promoter Pleads Guilty In $2 Billion Crypto Scheme

Former director and promoter of the BitConnect Ponzi scheme, Glenn Arcaro, pled guilty on Wednesday in federal court to fraud charges. His participation in a massive conspiracy involving the crypto exchange defrauded investors of over $2 billion. The United States Department of Justice, Southern District of California,...

Jan 26 2021

FBI Arrests Jeremy Spence in Coin Signals’ Ponzi Scheme

Spence,24, solicited investors through Telegram and Discord to invest in a series of crypto hedge funds

Jan 12 2021

Dec 16 2020

US Regulator Charges Top AirBit Club Promoter

Chairez was charged for her activities as an unregistered broker.

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