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May 06 2022

The Future Of Energy Markets According To Bitcoin Miners

Bitcoin 2022 offered us a glimpse into bitcoin miners’ crystal ball, as they discussed how the industry will impact the energy grid.Most of the conversations about Bitcoin infrastructure for the past two years have focused on the mining sector’s increasing convergence with traditional energy generators and power companies. At the Bitcoin 2022 conference, a panel...

Apr 16 2022

The Energy System Benefits From Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin strengthens the grid due to the incentivization of energy production. It supports the people who need electricity and miners as buyers of last resort.Illiteracy is a peril of the trade for anyone working in the technology sector. New technologies tend to be met with resistance until they’re broadly understood, and sadly, policymakers and regulators are frequently guilty of the most egregious...

Apr 08 2022

Building New Grids To Support Local Communities And Strengthen The Bitcoin Network

Apr 08 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  business electricity energy griid mining

Bitcoin mining companies are working with electricity providers to find solutions for power that support mining and community access to electricity.Bitcoin mining specialists sat down together to discuss how mining companies can work with local grids to strengthen electricity production and distribution at the Bitcoin 2022 conference in a panel titled “Building New Grids.”The panel was moderated by Zack...

Mar 12 2022

How Bitcoin Mining Strengthens Electricity Grids

Bitcoin enables mining utilities to engage in agreements that are mutually beneficial to miners and the electricity grid.The House Hearing on Crypto’s Energy Use & Impact, held on January 20, 2022, was ultimately championed by a stellar defense of Bitcoin’s energy use by Brian Brooks, with an...

Nov 03 2021

Why Bitcoin Is The Future Of Our Energy Grid

Bitcoin’s unique energy use incentives, ability to store stranded energy and more make it the future of our energy consumption as a planet.Here goes a full-length, easy-to-read article based on my recent Twitter thread, part one on Bitcoin and the nuclear future of our energy grid. In part one, I breakdown the narratives around energy...

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