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Jul 09 2021

Many El Salvadorans Are Skeptical Of Bitcoin Adoption As Legal Tender

Jul 09 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  bitcoin btc el salvad president bukele

According to a poll releaased on Thursday, more than three-quarters of Salvadorans are skeptical of President Nayib Bukele's quest to recognize bitcoin as an alternative legal tender. El Salvadorans Are Skeptical Of Bitcoin El Salvadorans' opinions on the government's bitcoin plan were disclosed in a recent poll, according to...

Jul 08 2021

Worldwide Adoption: Mexico And Argentina Flirt With Bitcoin Law

The road to worldwide adoption starts with one step. El Salvador took it with their Bitcoin Law. After their announcement, every country in the region seems to be testing the waters in its own way. And now it’s Mexico and Argentina’s turn. If we take out Portuguese-speaking Brazil, these two are the biggest markets in Spanish-speaking Latin America. And they’re both flirting with...

Jun 29 2021

President Bukele Clears Up Misconceptions About The Government’s Chivo Wallet

On June 24th, in a national broadcast, President Bukele cleared up misconceptions about El Salvador’s Bitcoin Law and presented the government’s wallet. That created a whole lot of new misconceptions about the app itself, the newly minted Chivo Wallet. Most of...

Jun 26 2021

Volcano Mining And President Bukele ’s Bitcoin Insights

As El Salvador prepares for the Bitcoin law to come into force, Bitcoinist keeps analyzing President Bukele ’s words. And he keeps using the right ones, “The Bitcoin system is so perfect, that I think it’s going to be the future. It’s the present, but it’s going to get bigger in the future.” That was one of the reasons that inspired...

Jun 24 2021

President Nayib Bukele Explains El Salvador’s Bitcoin Law

We at Bitcoinist already analyzed the controversial Article 7 from El Salvador’s Bitcoin Law from every angle. But, did we? The President himself, Nayib Bukele, defends and explains it in a way that leaves little...

Jun 21 2021

Article 7: Is It Obligatory For Vendors To Receive Bitcoin In El Salvador?

Every economic agent in El Salvador must find a way to accept Bitcoin and the law comes into force in less than 90 days. Yikes! The controversial Article 7 of President Bukele’s Bitcoin law sparked analysis, a few interesting conversations, and doubt. Can they even enforce it? Is it ethical? Aren’t they coercing the population? Is it necessary? Is there something everyone’s missing?...

Jun 19 2021

El Salvador And Bitcoin: Jack Mallers Reveals The Inside Scoop

It might be the biggest story of 2021. Since El Salvador made Bitcoin legal tender, all eyes are on the Central American nation. Strike’s Jack Mallers was the person that delivered this world-shattering news. The exclusive...

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