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Nov 26 2020

How One Crypto Player’s Winnings have Reached $275k at CryptoSlots in Two Years

Nov 26 2020 Published at Ethereum World News under tags  press releases

Ever wonder if players really do get lucky from crypto casinos? Maybe not all, but we found one CryptoSlots casino player whose winnings have added up to a substantial $275k in wins in just two years of playing ($276,200 to be exact). David C is from California, and wisely started investing in Bitcoin in 2016 – in 2018 he decided to play at...

Nov 04 2020

Anonymous team launches a DeFi token to experiment with the value of velocity.

Nov 04 2020 Published at Ethereum World News under tags  featured press releases

An anonymous team that goes by the name of Super Mises is using the latest DeFi trends inyield farming and rebasing currencies to experiment with the value of velocity. Their newlylaunched VELO token will both serve as a financial experimentation tool as well as thegovernance token for the Velotoken DAO. The latest protocol in DeFi has taken experimentation to new levels. The VELO...

Nov 03 2020

The Auric Elastic Supply Gold Peg

The Auric Network (“Auric”) created a digital currency that is pegged to the price of gold through programmatic supply fluctuation. In aspiring to create a synthetic commodity money that will become the cornerstone of decentralized finance (“DeFi”) on the...

Oct 24 2020

Introducing Foundry, a DAO on Ethereum For Economic Freedom

Oct 24 2020 Published at Ethereum World News under tags  press releases

Recently a New York Post article about Hunter Biden bribing Ukrainian officials with introductions to his, then Vice President father, was blocked from being shared on Twitter. Whether you paint your face blue and growl at the red team or paint it red and growl at the blue team in this season of America’s Greatest Clown, you have to be growing a bit...

Oct 08 2020

A live demonstration of what tokenization means for digital finance

There is a lot of talk and excitement about how blockchain tokenization can change the way digital transactions happen. However, so far, there is very little that any interested party can tangibly see for themselves… …until now. This Friday (October 9th) you can see a live demonstration of what Tokenized Founder and CEO James Belding for a live demonstration - and sneak preview...

Aug 15 2020

ShapeShift Releases Mobile App to Make Non-Custodial Crypto Easier

Aug 15 2020 Published at CoinCentral under tags  app press releases shapeshift

ShapeShift, a leading self-custody cryptocurrency exchange platform, recently released its...

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