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Jan 16 2021

Firo Activates Latest Privacy Upgrade “Lelantus”

Firo has activated a new privacy upgrade called Lelantus as of Jan. 14, 2021. The newly upgraded protocol enhances transaction privacy by removing Firo's previous limitations. Firo Boosts Privacy With Lelantus Firo was initially launched as...

Jan 15 2021

Anonymous Litecoin Coming Soon Following Incognito’s New Integration

Jan 15 2021 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  markets privacy trading

A new integration is set to allow token holders to transact with Litecoin anonymously. Despite the significance of the news, LTC looks bound for a steep decline before any continued uptrend. Litecoin to Enjoy Privacy Features While crypto enthusiasts await the final code for Litecoin's MimbleWimble...

Bittrex Won’t Disclose Why It Withdrew Support for Dash, Zcash, Monero

Jan 15 2021 Published at CoinDesk under tags  bittrex business privacy privacy coins tech

As of today, zcash, monero and dash won’t be included among Bittrex’s tradable assets.

Fintech’s Hottest Trends in 2021? Privacy, Control, & Customization

With concerns over centralized power in big tech, fintech users are entering the year on a precarious note.

Jan 14 2021

Privacy Coin Firo Launches ‘Privacy by Default’ Protocol on Mainnet

Jan 14 2021 Published at CoinDesk under tags  firo lelantus privacy privacy coins tech

Lelantus introduces “on-by-default” privacy while also allowing partial redemptions of Firo’s burn-and-redeem model.

Jan 13 2021

Monero Primed to Surge 20%, Outperforming Privacy Coin Competition

Jan 13 2021 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  markets privacy trading

Monero outperformed all other privacy-centric altcoins in 2020 with a 249% price increase despite tightened regulation. Following its excellent performance in 2020, XMR looks primed for further gains....

Can Ethereum & Blockchain Technology Help Answer Censorship Issues?

Jan 13 2021 Published at Blockonomi under tags  censorship eth ethereum privacy

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin thinks that blockchain could be the next big thing in censorship-free communications. The events in the American Capitol have resulted in a mass exodus of Facebook and Twitter users as a result of their decision to ban President trump and several “fringe” groups. Most Twitter exiles looked at Parler as the [...] The post Can Ethereum & Blockchain Technology...

Jan 12 2021

Breaking: German Authorities Seize Dark Web Marketplace Using Bitcoin and Privacy Coins

Jan 12 2021 Published at Coingape under tags  bitcoin bitcoin news btcusd btcusdt darkmarket

DarkMarket, a deep-web-based illegal marketplace offering ban substances and drugs to users was seized by German...

Jan 10 2021

Privacy coin narrative gains steam despite Bittrex delistings: XMR, ZEC, DASH gain 20%

Jan 10 2021 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  dashusd privacy trading zchusd

Early this year, privacy-focused coins were seemingly dealt a death blow by Bittrex, a popular crypto-asset exchange. In an announcement, the exchange said that it would be delisting the trading pairs that pertain to three...

Jan 06 2021

Monero on Uniswap? BTSE Issues Wrapped Monero on Ethereum

BTSE exchange has launched a Monero-backed token on Ethereum called Wrapped Monero (WXMR). The innovation arrives amidst a wave of delistings for various privacy-centric tokens....

Jan 01 2021

Bittrex to remove the U.S. markets for top privacy coins including Monero, Zcash and Dash

Jan 01 2021 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  dashusd exchanges privacy xmrusd zecusd

Bittrex announced on Dec. 29 that its exchange will be removing the U.S. markets for the three of the biggest privacy coins by market cap on January 15, 2021. In the post, Bittrex stated it is giving users up to 30 days to withdraw their coins: "After the markets are...

Laura’s New Year’s 2021 AMA: Your Questions About Privacy, the STABLE Act, Diem and More

For the holidays, I'm doing two AMAs. In the second of two, I cover: privacy blockchains my thoughts on the STABLE Act whether or not...

Dec 30 2020

Statechains Scaling Solution Offers New Potential for Bitcoin Privacy

Statechains offer another way to scale bitcoin payments. New exploration has uncovered that statechains could boost Bitcoin privacy as well.

Dec 25 2020

How to Use Tornado.cash, Ethereum’s Privacy Solution

Ethereum currently processes around 1 million transactions daily. Due to the blockchain's open nature, however, every address associated with a transaction on the network gets recorded on a public ledger. That can present issues for users who want to...

Dec 23 2020

From SIM Swaps to Home-Invasion Threats, Ledger Leak Has Cascading Consequences

Dec 23 2020 Published at CoinDesk under tags  business cybersecurity data hack ledger

The incident shows the variety of ways data can be used to hurt people, and raises questions about how and if certain data should be retained at all.

Dec 21 2020

Ledger data leak leaves crypto community furious, here’s what to do next

Dec 21 2020 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  hacks privacy

Ledger, the popular hardware wallet, said today that data belonging to over 1 million customers was leaked on a hacker forum. Ledger users endure data leak Hardware wallet Ledger said today that details of a database compromised in June were dumped on RaidForums, an infamous online hacking forum, over the weekend....

IBM Launches Test Service Using ‘Holy Grail’ of Data Privacy Technology

Dec 21 2020 Published at CoinDesk under tags  data ibm news privacy tech

The privacy technology, called fully homomorphic encryption, keeps data hidden even when being processed.

Why Ledger Kept All That Customer Data in the First Place

Sunday’s dump of customer emails and addresses serves as a sobering reminder that even a maker of hardware crypto wallets can become a data honeypot.

Dec 19 2020

The Pandemic Turbocharged Online Privacy Concerns

Dec 19 2020 Published at CoinDesk under tags  opinion people privacy year in review 2020

End-to-end encryption was never more important than this year. In 2021, battles over the future of online privacy – and therefore the nature of the internet itself – will come to head.

Dec 18 2020

Tornado.cash Suggests Token Release, Airdrop Imminent

Tornado.cash has suggested the launch of a native token in a new governance proposal. The plan involves airdropping tokens to Tornado.cash users to hand over control of the protocol. Tornado.cash Outlines TORN Token Tornado.cash, the most used privacy solution on...

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