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Jun 22 2022

Medical Data Platform Lemonchain Completes Listing on ProBit Global

ProBit Global has teamed up with decentralized medical data platform Lemonchain with its key digital currency LEMC now trading on the exchange.

IP Monetization Network IPVERSE Completes Market Launch on ProBit Global

ProBit Global has launched a new partnership with IPVERSE following the listing of its token IPV in May.

Jun 15 2022

BEP-20 Token for Global SMEs, Digital Commerce Expansion Lists on ProBit Global

ProBit Global is a Top 20 crypto exchange lists dobuy token, a usability token based on the BEP-20 technology.

May 31 2022

Metaverse’s First Vertical Technologies Platform for Educational Content Lists METI Token on ProBit Global

MEETIIN token (METI) is the base currency in the METAPLANET ecosystem where various metaverse-related vertical technologies like augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and contents are present. The MEETIIN token (METI) is used to pay for services and to earn rewards for users’ contributions to the ecosystem. METI is now listed on ProBit Global, a top 20 crypto exchange.

May 19 2022

Token for Licensed Machine Learning Trading Platform Lists on ProBit Global

The token of Estonia-licensed Ethax company which offers an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning suite of products that enable a ‘plug and play’ approach to digital assets is now trading on ProBit Global.

ProBit Global Lists Token of First DeFi Genuine Business Review Platform

The token of the Fairface cloud platform which collects and publishes reviews online will start trading on ProBit Global on June 6.

Lucretius Metaverse Web-based Game Lists Token on ProBit Global

The native currency of the fully decentralized metaverse web-based game, Lucretius, has listed on ProBit Global.

Apr 28 2022

Token for Massive Blockchain Usage Lands on ProBit Global Launchpad

ICOM is the Ethereum-based ERC-20 utility token used as a means of payment for goods or services provided within the iCommunity ecosystem. It is the only means to acquire and use the various use cases within the iCommunity Blockchain Solution (iBS) platform and the rest of the ecosystem which includes integrated companies, affiliates, and partners. ProBit Global, a Top 20 crypto exchange, is...

Apr 19 2022

SmartFi’s 100% Buy-Back Guaranteed Token Lists on ProBit Global

SMTF is the speculative token of the SmartFi platform. SMTF token enables holders to participate in making the SmartFi cryptocurrency monetary policy based on the platform’s free banking model and a loanable funds credit creation structure. SMTF is currently featured in a ProBit Global trading competition where exchange users with a minimum of 100 PROB staked can compete for SMTF rewards based on...

Apr 13 2022

DUCATO Multi-Services DeFi Token Lists on ProBit Global

The Ducato Finance Token (DUCATO), the native asset that connects the various decentralized finance (DeFi) services on the Ducato ecosystem, is now trading on ProBit Global.

Mar 18 2022

Neowiz Holdings Blockchain Subsidiary Arm Neoply Completes Token Listing on ProBit Global

NEOPIN, the token powering Neoply’s Klayton-based proprietary blockchain technology, is currently trading on ProBit Global following a new partnership agreement.

Mar 17 2022

Rush Coin Expands Trading Markets with ProBit Global to Accelerate its P2E and NFT Ecosystem

Rush Coin has onboarded ProBit Global as its latest exchange partner for USDT trading to follow up with its significant developments on both P2E and NFT fronts.

NFT Gaming Service METAQ Opens its First Trading Markets on ProBit Global

Developing NFT gaming platform Metaplanet completed its first exchange listing on ProBit Global to open USDT trading on March 15.

Mar 16 2022

Art and Music Tokenization Platform Xave Jumps out of the Gates with a Soldout IEO Round on ProBit Global

Xave Coin has sold out on the IEO on ProBit Global. The Xave team wants to democratize access to music and art by empowering equal access opportunities to royalty sharing and monetization for fans and creators based on fractionalized ownership of artistic and musical content.

Mar 08 2022

ProBit Global Users Can Now Buy Crypto with 0% Credit Card Fees until March 15 with New Fiat On-Ramp

ProBit Global has announced its latest buy crypto with credit card fiat on- ramp accommodating over 40 fiat currencies for users to purchase currently supported tokens BTC, ETH, and USDT.

Feb 13 2022

Memecoin Competitor Shibnobi Joins the Fray with ProBit Global Partnership

Shibnobi has onboarded an additional trading partner following its latest SHINJA market on ProBit Global.

Feb 12 2022

LunarCrush Creates Additional User Liquidity for LUNR Holders with Listing on ProBit Global

ProBit Global has deployed trading markets for LUNR, the community rewards token earned through user interaction with social token analytics platform LunarCrush. The widely used social data aggregator utilizes several metrics to track over 3,000 tokens by measuring the organic social activity of various token ecosystems.

FUS Debuts Trading on ProBit Global

ProBit Global has opened up trading for FUS tokens, the core incentive token fueling crypto gateway THEHAE.

Feb 11 2022

Cosmos IBC Digital Business Hub Rizon Selects ProBit Global as Latest Trading Partner

Blockchain white label solution Hdac Tech, the developer of the underlying Rizon blockchain, has listed its native token on ProBit Global which will grant holders the right to participate in governance features.

O2O Veteran and Premier Film Production Merge Visions of Real Cinematic Merchandise With ProBit Global Listing

Egg & Partners, a joint venture between J.P. Getty LYD and XNOTI INC, has listed its EGGT token on ProBit Global to facilitate the global expansion of its unique O2O auction and reverse auction platform.

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