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Oct 31 2021

ProBit Global Partners with Voting Platform Cratos to Stem Misinformation

Real-time voting platform Cratos has officially partnered with ProBit Global to expand market liquidity for the community spanning 44,000 users deliberating across 58,000 diverse topics with the advantage of generating open political discourse.

Aug 17 2021

Intersection of Gold and Digital Assets at the ForeFront with ProBit Global’s Onboarding of Cache Gold

Bullion custodial service Cache Gold and its CGT tokens backed by 1 gram of physical gold are now trading live with a BTC market on ProBit Global which currently accommodates nearly 35% of all CGT volume.

Jul 27 2021

Ethereum’s Internet of Blockchains and Top Flight Layer 2 Polygon Endorsed for Commemorative ProBit Exclusive Anniversary

In celebration of the 1st anniversary of its premium listing marketplace ProBit Exclusive, ProBit Global has launched a commemorative Exclusive anniversary event on July 27 featuring a 50% discounted subscription window for MATIC, a top Layer 2 scaling solution in the space.

Jul 21 2021

Remittance Solution Krispser Highlighted on ProBit Global’s Accomplished IEO Platform

Streamline global financial service Krisper has moved forward with IEO progression on ProBit Global’s token fundraising platform with complimentary bonuses when utilizing standard quote currencies.

Jul 20 2021

Non-Fungible DeFi Paves the Way for DeFi and NFT through ProBit Global

Non-Fungible Defi has commenced with another opportunity to purchase BEP-20 NFD governance tokens through IEO on ProBit Global.

Jul 14 2021

DEX SocialSwap Launches SST on ProBit Global Markets

Led by entrepreneur and CEO Alois Köhle, Tron-based DEX Socialswap has completed onboarding with USDT, BTC, and ETH trading markets on ProBit Global open for SST trading. An additional 80,000 SST highlights a trading competition rewarding the top 20 participants once the event closes on July 16, 2021, at 23:00 KST.

Jul 08 2021

Global Crypto Payment Service Tetra Pay International Inks Deal with ProBit Global to Jumpstart IEO Drive

Tetra Pay International has commenced with additional fundraising avenues through an ongoing IEO on ProBit Global. A total of 110M TPAY tokens will be available for purchasing with bonuses during the limited time offer.

FRUITS Aims to Broaden Charity Oversight with Blockchain Solution and Expansion through ProBit Global Endorsement

Global charity blockchain solution FRUITS has completed the integration of FRTS tokens on ProBit Global’s diverse trading platform.

Jul 05 2021

LPNT’s Major step toward making LPNT a global marketplace by listing on Indian exchange

LPNT's Major step toward making LPNT a global marketplace by listing on Indian exchange LPNT is the flagship product of LUXURIOUS PRO NETWORK TOKEN GROUP. This multi-utility ERC20 decentralized cryptographically secured virtual currency tops LPNT's massive product line. The group is a global leader in the domain of forex trading and luxury transportation services.

Jul 04 2021

STOC Coin is Ushering in the Next Generation of Copper Refining Processes Fueled by ProBit Global Listing

STOC, the utility token for the STOC Coin ecosystem and the cornerstone to their copper refining incentivization framework, will expedite growth on the heels of their recent listing on ProBit Global.

Jul 03 2021

LaneAxis’ Patented Platform Can Capture $200 Billion in Global Supply Chain Expenses Following ProBit Global Listing

LaneAxis is breaking new ground with their Brokerless Shipper-to-Carrier Direct Freight Network remediating costly inefficiencies that plague the modern supply chain following their debut on ProBit Global’s markets, including USDT, BTC, and ETH pairs.

Jul 02 2021

Fund Of Yours Is Bridging Content Creators and Followers Seamlessly with ProBit Global Listing

Fund Of Yours (FOY) strives to connect tens of thousands of content producers and billions of fans to foster an intimate and profitable network. The protocol utility token, FOY, is one of the latest additions to ProBit Global’s trading base.

Jun 30 2021

Cross-Chain NFT Auction House and Lending Protocol NFTA Sets its Sights on Capital Injection Through Probit Global IEO

NFT auction market and lending platform NFTA has unveiled its IEO on ProBit Global at 0.2 USDT per token for participants.

Jun 28 2021

Jun 21 2021

ComfyToken Offers Holder Effortless Yield Generation Invigorated by ProBit Global Listing

Binance Smart Chain DeFi platform ComfyToken generated significant momentum following its rapid market cap ascension to 15M on the first day of launch. The platform boasts high protocol autonomy and ease-of-use, framing it as an ideal entry point for traders seeking passive income generation and having completed listing on ProBit Global.

Jun 18 2021

Transparent Gratuity Platform Melo Token will Empower the Marginalized Service Sector following ProBit Global Partnership

ProBit Global will be listing TRC20 utility token MELO accompanied by a trio of pairs including BTC, ETH, and USDT once trading launches June 22. Housed on the Tron network, MELO is the keystone behind the platform’s near-feeless architecture and wields rapid transaction processing speeds to accommodate increased traffic.

Jun 17 2021

Traditional and Digital Payment Drawbridge Vendit Endorses IEO on ProBit Global for Upcoming VNDT Debut June 30

Crypto payment remittance service Vendit has confirmed its upcoming IEO on ProBit Global, offering VNDT at $0.04 starting on June 30, 2021.

Jun 16 2021

DRONEFLY is Leading a $11 Billion Market Opportunity with ProBit Global IEO

DRONEFLY will be conducting IEO for their ERC-20 token KDC at ProBit Global on 21 June 2021 to improve the operational capacity of the DRONEFLY ecosystem and inject increased growth potential into the global drone industry.

Smart Contract-Based Arbitration Service PayrLink Sets its Sights on ProBit Global with June 23 IEO

ProBit Global has announced that it will be holding IEO for decentralized arbitration platform PayrLink starting on June 23.

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