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Dec 01 2021

Nov 21 2021

Nov 02 2021

Oct 30 2021

Apr 13 2021

DeFi Project Spotlight: Bancor, The Dark Horse Decentralized Exchange

In 2017, Bancor pioneered automated market makers (AMMs) to replace order books using a native reserve asset, the BNT token. After losing ground to other decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap or Sushiswap, Bancor's...

Mar 26 2021

DeFi Project Spotlight: Small-Cap Lending Platform Cream Finance

Cream Finance takes some of the more popular ideas from DeFi's lending and borrowing space one step further. The project lists nearly 70 different assets, LP tokens, and various derivative tokens from many popular DeFi projects. What's more, users can lend and borrow against each token to create unique opportunities. ...

Jan 17 2021

DeFi Project Spotlight: Degenerative Finance and uGas Ethereum Futures

uGas is the first project launched by Degenerative Finance, itself a partnership between last...

Jan 01 2021

DeFi Project Spotlight: Archer DAO and Ethereum’s “Dark Forest”

Archer DAO is building a community of on-chain analysts to generate new revenue streams for Ethereum miners. Though nascent, the project has already gained attention within the DeFi community due to two mounting issues among miners: Sustainable revenues and MEV....

Nov 21 2020

DeFi Project Spotlight: Rocket Pool, Staking Service for Ethereum 2.0

Ethereum has been around since 2015. The technology was groundbreaking at the time of its launch. It enabled blockchain-based applications, such as DeFi and games....

Nov 13 2020

DeFi Project Spotlight: BarnBridge, an Institutional Bridge to DeFi

Nov 13 2020 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  analysis project spotlight

The potential impact of crypto on traditional finance (TradFi) and institutions has been discussed for years. People like Blythe Masters, who helped create the infamous credit-default swaps, got interested in Bitcoin...

Oct 31 2020

DeFi Project Spotlight: B.Protocol, Decentralized Backstop Liquidity

Oct 31 2020 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  analysis project spotlight

Decentralized crypto lending kickstarted the DeFi craze of 2020. The launch of Compound token COMP in June 2020 attracted the market's attention and provoked the expansion of the DeFi ecosystem. As the...

Oct 14 2020

DeFi Project Spotlight: Injective Protocol

Oct 14 2020 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  analysis project spotlight

Injective Protocol is a decentralized derivatives project that offers fast transaction speeds, deep liquidity, and front-running protection. The project makes up part of the growing DeFi ecosystem that is being built outside of Etheruem. ...

Oct 10 2020

DeFi Project Spotlight: Polkastarter, Polkadot’s Uniswap

Oct 10 2020 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  analysis dexes project spotlight

Polkastarter is a decentralized exchange (DEX) akin to Ethereum's...

Oct 06 2020

Project Spotlight: Flamingo Finance, China’s Full Stack DeFi Protocol

Oct 06 2020 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  analysis project spotlight

Flamingo Finance is a "full-stack" DeFi protocol built on the NEO blockchain, according to marketing materials. Upon further inspection, however, it better resembles a mishmash of top DeFi protocols originally built on Ethereum. But instead of making a home on the number two network,...

Sep 28 2020

DeFi Project Spotlight: DODO Exchange, a “Next-Generation” DEX

Sep 28 2020 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  analysis dex project spotlight

Though there are many decentralized exchanges (DEXes) that traders can choose from these days, few have been as dominant as Uniswap. Still, the unicorn crypto...

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