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Apr 30 2022

An Intersection Of Bitcoin And Health

Many people are beginning to recognize a relationship between Bitcoin and physical and mental well-being. This is one Bitcoiner’s journey with fitness.Today, I would like to return back to a discussion that is relevant to all individuals and groups within Bitcoin as well as those outside. Particularly those outside, in fact. I have a story to tell: one of health, longevity, fitness,...

Oct 16 2021

The Bitcoin Rorschach Test

Bitcoin as an idea can be thought of, like a Rorschach test, as the interpretation of the particular context it presents. TXID:...

Oct 07 2021

Bitcoin, Group Biases And Illusion Of (The) Authority

A look at biases and the illusion of the authority of CEOs, presidents and other high profile figures. When the Highest Paid Person Opinion (HIPPO) is never questioned —...

Aug 06 2021

Why People Struggle With Bitcoin

As it turns out, what may be the biggest blocker in understanding Bitcoin is ourselves.The relationship between human psychology and Bitcoin is a curious one. The more I watch how people arrive at Bitcoin, the more I notice a parallel between their experience and my own amid a much broader general trend. Conversely, these similarities act as entry barriers to individuals I...

Jan 08 2021

Winning Hearts And Minds For Bitcoin

We often encounter Bitcoiners who assert that Bitcoin is unstoppable and has already "won." We happen to agree with them. But the endgame has yet to play out, and it still has two potential paths. One is easy; the other is hard. On the easy path, positive narratives about Bitcoin outweigh negative ones. We experience a peaceful mass adoption process based on people's...

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