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Jul 28 2022

Bitcoin Is The Lifeboat When Hurricanes Make Landfall

After experiencing back-to-back Category 5 hurricanes, one Bitcoiner recognized the clearest way to prepare for an uncertain monetary future.This is an opinion editorial by Gabriel Vazquez, a contributor for Bitcoin Magazine.Bitcoin Maximalism is perceived by many as a “toxic” trait, a brand of culture war waged by veteran holders, OGs and whales who will do anything to pump their bags. In...

Jul 26 2022

Alternative Media Attacks Bitcoin: A Response To “Bitcoin Cannot Free Palestine”

It’s obvious that bitcoin can’t free Palestine, let’s begin there. The bitcoin network just offers better money, not a miracle cure. It offers a decentralized currency that can’t be debased by any government, no more, no less. The author of “Bitcoin Cannot Free Palestine...

Jul 04 2022

Demise of Peter Schiff’s bank supports Bitcoin case for financial liberty

Jul 04 2022 Published at Coinscreed under tags  news peter schiff puerto rico

Peter Schiff's Bank was shut down by Puerto Rico officials for failing to meet the net minimum capital requirements. Customers were consequently denied access to their accounts after a subsequent freeze. Puerto Rico officials closed down the bank of prominent economist Peter Schiff, who is well-known in the community for his anti-crypto views. Peter Schiff's […] The post...

Apr 26 2022

Crypto Influencers Are Moving To Puerto Rico Because Of The Tax Laws. Positive?

The latest The Times article qualifies Puerto Rico as “home to one of the world’s first cryptocurrency communities.” Are they exaggerating or are they on to something? Apparently, favorable tax laws have brought “10,000...

Jan 30 2022

How Bitcoin Adoption Could Bring Major Prosperity To Puerto Rico

To mitigate austerity and resolve debt, Puerto Rico should follow in El Salvador’s footsteps and make bitcoin legal tender.By 2017, I was peripherally aware of the existence of Bitcoin as an idea, though it remained unknown to me as a global phenomenon. I had yet to learn about Bitcoin as the antifragile and sovereign monetary system able to compete globally at scale...

Dec 21 2020

Puerto Rico-Based FV Bank to Offer Regulated Crypto Custody in the US

Dec 21 2020 Published at CoinDesk under tags  banks business custody fv bank markets

FV Bank says it has received permission from a Puerto Rico banking regulator to provide custody services for bitcoin, ether and more in the U.S.

Oct 19 2020

Tax Fraud? J5 Probes ‘100s of Accounts’ at Peter Schiff’s Euro Pacific Bank

The renowned Bitcoin skeptic denies any and all allegations that Euro Pacific is guilty of any wrongdoing.

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