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Mar 30 2022

QuadrigaCX Bitcoin Saga to Feature in New Netflix Documentary

Summary: Netflix will premiere a documentary on the events surrounding the death of the founder of QuadrigaCX, Gerald Cotten Cotten was reportedly the sole handler of QuadrigaCX's cold wallet His death resulted in QuadrigaCX filing for creditor protection and its customers suffering losses to the tune of $190 million Conspiracies continue to haunt Cotten's death and the collapse of QuadrigaCX The story of...

QuadrigaCX Documentary Drops Today

Reading Time: 2 minutes A documentary about the collapse of Canadian exchange QuadrigaCX and the aftermath drops today Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King details the events surrounding the death of founder Gerald Cotten Some believe that Cotten faked...

Mar 22 2022

Everything We Know About Netflix’s “Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King”

It’s about time Netflix’s true crime unit turned its eye to cryptocurrencies. In the tradition of “The Tinder Swindler,” “Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel,” and “Abducted in Plain Sight,” a new documentary will have people talking soon. This time, Netflix will tell the story of QuadrigaCX, a cryptocurrency exchange with something to hide. Did Gerry Cotton fake his own death...

Jan 27 2022

QuadrigaCX’s Michael Patryn Unmasked as Wonderland Treasurer

Reading Time: 2 minutes The treasurer of DeFi project Wonderland has been unmasked as Michael Patryn Patryn co-founded the scandal-hit former crypto exchange QuadrigaCX and is a convicted fraudster Patryn is therefore the man at the heart of an $8.4 Million TIME token...

Sep 27 2021

QuadrigaCX Story to be Netflix Documentary

Reading Time: 2 minutes The story of Gerald Cotten and QuadrigaCX is to be made into a Netflix documentary QuadrigaCX folded when Cotten supposedly died, leaving massive debts Some claim Cotten faked his death and has all the funds in his personal possession The...

Sep 24 2021

Netflix to Premiere a Documentary Themed on the Deceased QuadrigaCX CEO

The streaming platform giant unveiled that such a documentary will premiere in 2022 without providing an exact date.

Sep 23 2021

QuadrigaCx Saga to be Featured as a Documentary on this Popular Streaming Service

Sep 23 2021 Published at Coingape under tags  gerald cotten netflix news quadrigacx

Many who have been active participants in the digital currency ecosystem for some time may know about QuadrigaCx, a centralized Canadian cryptocurrency exchange whose owner, Gerald Cotten died, plunging the trading platform into long-protracted chaos. With the exchange storing its customer’s keys and funds in a centralized database that only Cotten had access to, many The post QuadrigaCx Saga to be Featured as...

Jun 23 2021

Little Evidence Gerald Cotten Faked His Death, Says Podcast

Reading Time: 2 minutes There is little evidence to suggest that Gerald Cotten faked his death, according to a podcast Exit Scam podcast interviewed a journalist who went to the area where Cotten is supposed to have died He found that all records were properly...

Jun 22 2021

Is Quadriga’s Gerald Cotten Still Alive? The ‘Exit Scam’ Podcast Aims to Answer

Jun 22 2021 Published at Unchained Podcast under tags  2021 bitcoin conspiracy crypto ethereum

Aaron Lammer, author and host of the Exit Scam podcast, recounts the mysterious and controversial death of QuadrigaCX’s founder Gerald Cotton. Show highlights: A quick recap of QuadrigaCX why Aaron felt compelled to create a series on...

Mar 04 2021

QuadrigaCX Imitation Website May Have Stolen User Logins

Reading Time: 2 minutes A fake QuadrigaCX site that popped up last month may have collected user logins The imposter site, which used the original’s URL, appeared early last month The law firm representing QuadrigaCX claimants has issued guidance A fake...

Feb 10 2021

EY, Quadriga Law Firm Warn of ‘Imitation’ Site

The imitation site is not authorized by EY and affected users have been advised to avoid at all costs.

Jan 20 2021

Trustee of Collapsed Exchange Moves to Resolve Crypto vs. Fiat Creditor Claims Tussle

Bankruptcy trustee EY is trying to resolve a dispute over how to value cryptocurrencies recovered from QuadrigaCX.

Nov 08 2020

QuadrigaCX Trustee Reveals $141 Million Shortfall

Reading Time: 2 minutes QuadrigaCX founder Gerald Cotten traded with user funds, according to trustee EY As a result of Cotten’s losses, there is a $141 million shortfall in claimed ownership and actual funds left Customers may have had as little as 17% of their money...

Nov 06 2020

QuadrigaCX Trustee Recovers $30M, Creditors Seeking $171M

“Quadriga’s assets likely never matched the liabilities owed to Affected Users,” EY.

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