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Sep 10 2021

Every $1 The Fed Spends On Bitcoin Could Produce $100 In Wealth

If the institution intends to continue existing, it should consider acquiring the most sound money known to man.Quantitative easing (QE) is a term used to describe when the Federal Reserve buys assets from private markets. Typically, the Fed purchases longer-dated bonds, including Treasury notes and mortgage- backed securities (MBS), but during the pandemic, it has even purchased corporate junk bonds. It does this...

Feb 23 2021

Financial Vampirism And Bitcoin

2020 was an unprecedented year in financial engineering. Unprecedented and yet… totally predictable if you pay attention to the right metrics....

Financial Vampirism And Bitcoin

A vampire has taken complete dominion over capital markets, but Bitcoin will be a stake through its heart.Ransomware-as-a-service, intricate phishing scams, cryptomining...

Jan 27 2021

Fed Chair Powell: ‘We’d Welcome Higher Inflation’

The central bank doesn’t want to pull back asset purchases just yet, Powell said Wednesday.

Federal Reserve Holds Rates, Asset Purchases Steady as Economic Activity Moderates

The central bank noted that economic activity and employment had moderated while the path of the economy will be determined by vaccinations

Jan 26 2021

How Bitcoiners Should Watch the US Federal Reserve Meeting on Wednesday

Comments from Fed chair Jerome Powell could tell bitcoiners how committed the central bank is to staying the course on low interest rates through the rest of the year.

Jan 14 2021

How Money Printing Really Works

A Short Introduction To What Influences Money Supply In The Modern Economy It’s undeniable — the world runs on money. This thought is ingrained in all of us and we all understand it deeply. This is evident by the fact that we spend vast amount of hours every day in order to attain more of it. In the Bitcoin space, we constantly see...

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