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Jun 24 2022

Quantum Computers Rise From Australian Lab – A Threat To Cryptocurrency?

Efforts are under way to develop the world's first operational quantum computers, which will mark a literal quantum leap forward in technology. The Australian quantum computing startup Silicon Quantum Computing revealed Friday that it has constructed the world's first atomic-scale integrated circuit that will power a new breed of computing machines. While that’s an impressive feat by computer scientists from down under Sydney,...

May 30 2022

The quantum future is coming and David Chaum’s xx network is ready for it

"The choice between keeping information in the hands of individuals or of organizations is being made each time any government or business decides to automate another set of transactions. In one direction lies unprecedented scrutiny and control of people's lives, in the other, secure parity between individuals and organizations. The shape of society in the next century may depend on...

Jan 03 2022

Quantum Resistance: Taking Proof Of Keys Day To The Next Level

Celebrate this Proof Of Keys Day by considering the future of Bitcoin security: quantum resistance.When Satoshi Nakamoto mined the genesis block 13 years ago today, giving rise to the Bitcoin blockchain, he sparked a cryptographic revolution — you could store your wealth behind personal private keys.Recognized every January 3, Proof Of Keys Day is an opportunity to reflect on that breakthrough...

Oct 16 2021

Could Advanced Quantum Computing Pose A Risk To Bitcoin Security?

Rapid progress in quantum computing could pose a risk to certain types of bitcoin transactions. So how can we combat this risk?Rapid progress in quantum computing is predicted by some to have crucial ramifications in domains using public-key cryptography, such as the Bitcoin ecosystem....

Sep 29 2021

Quantum Computing | Bitcoin’s Doomsday Maker

Government intervention, poor usability, high network fees - which one of these poses the most significant threat to Bitcoin? The answer may be none of them. Although the Bitcoin network is incredibly secure under the current condition of computers, there’s an even greater threat looming overhead. Quantum computers have the...

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