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Nov 03 2021

How To Protect Your Bitcoin With Coldcard And Integrated Seed XOR

Using a Coldcard hardware wallet with Seed XOR, you can split your backup seed phrase and better protect your bitcoin from accidents and bad actors.This guide demonstrates everything you need to know in order to secure your Bitcoin private keys using a Coldcard hardware wallet and its integrated Seed XOR method. With this method, you are able to split your backup seed...

Sep 02 2021

How To Protect Your Bitcoin From Emergency With The BitPlates Domino

Preserving your Bitcoin wallet recovery seed is critical to self sovereignty. Here’s how to do so with the BitPlates Domino steel backup plate.This article demonstrates how to use the Domino stainless-steel Bitcoin seed phrase backup plate, by BitPlates, to secure the recovery information for a Bitcoin wallet against fire, flood or other disaster....

Aug 27 2021

How To Backup Your Bitcoin Seed With RoninSteel

How to take your bitcoin self custody to the next level by backing up your wallet recovery seed on a stainless-steel, fire-proof plate.This article demonstrates using a stainless-steel backup plate for securing bitcoin against fire, flood and other disaster. This backup will work for securing any BIP39 word-phrase and it is specially-tailored for use with Samourai Wallet....

Aug 26 2021

DIY Bitcoin Private Key Project

In this fun tutorial, you will learn how to generate your very own bitcoin private key.This is a fun project that will help you understand Bitcoin keys better. You'll need a pencil, paper, something to generate random output in binary (like a coin) and a computer. The purpose here is to get you doing something which will help you learn a lot,...

Feb 17 2021

What Is Mnemonic Phrase & Mnemonic Passphrase? – A Beginner’s Guide

Think of this for a moment - you wake up and check your Bitcoin wallet to see that your bitcoins are missing! When you dig further, you could find your crypto assets have been transferred to another public address for which you don't control the private keys....

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