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Oct 27 2021

Bitcoin: A Second Chance For The Muslim World

Bitcoin is the sound money that the Muslim world needs to accelerate into the future.The Ottoman suppression of the printing press is a poster child case of intellectual stagnation in the Muslim world. Although there was no outright ban, there is no denying of a...

Oct 24 2021

The Worldwide Church Will Benefit From Global Money

Oct 24 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  christianity culture religion

Like the printing press and the internet, Bitcoin is an invention that addresses many of the challenges of evangelism.From Gutenberg to Google, for the last six centuries the church’s ability to utilize innovation has led to further expansion of the Gospel. Whether a missionary’s ministry takes place in modern cities or third world countries, the process of sending money across oceans can...

Oct 19 2021

The Prophecy Of Satoshi Nakamoto: Bitcoin As Religion

Rituals, terminology and evangelism — there are many aspects of the culture surrounding Bitcoin that resemble religion.During bitcoin’s parabolic price increase this year, Twitter profiles with laser eyes suddenly emerged. “Anons” and celebrities, such as Elon Musk, added red lasers rays to their portraits and the hashtag #LaserRayUntil100k started to trend. As the hashtag indicated, the laser eyes were added as...

Oct 11 2021

Satoshi's Ark Will Save Bitcoiners

The creation of a decentralized monetary network provides an escape from the flood of fiat inflation.Imagine all of the people who laughed at Noah when he was building his ark to save his family from the inevitable flood that the Creator was going to unleash on Earth. Noah's faith was greatly tested as he spent month after month building a monstrous ark...

Sep 30 2021

Bitcoin And Religion With Jimmy Song

Author Jimmy Song discusses his book "Thank God For Bitcoin" and parellels between Bitcoin and Bible scripture.Watch This Episode On YouTubeListen To This Episode:...

Sep 21 2021

Bitcoiners Are The Remnant, The Masses Don’t Matter

Mass adoption of Bitcoin isn’t important. Selective adoption is and always has been how any revolutionary technology or transformation comes about. The masses will join by default.I recently read “Isaiah’s Job” by Albert J Nock. It’s an essay that inspired generations of anarcho capitalists and libertarians such as Rothbard and Rand, so if you’ve not yet read it, do so now or...

Aug 17 2021

The Inherent Greed Of The Fiat System

Aug 17 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture fiat inflation religion

The current monetary system of the world exposes the poor and disadvantaged to continuous debasement of value.Think back to the first time you were given a dollar. You were four, maybe five years old. It is a powerful first for a child: the first time you buy something with your own money. You handed the clerk your dollar and he exchanged with...

Jul 28 2021

Financial Protestants: How The Bitcoin Revolution Resembles The Reformation

Various similarities exist between The Protestant Reformation and the revolution being built around Bitcoin.The European Renaissance is generally held in high regard in the Bitcoin community as a model of a contrarian, revolutionary impact on the world. This movement was driven by humanist thought leadership and philosophy, scientific discovery, geographic exploration and artistic evolution. Likewise, Bitcoiners...

May 03 2021

Bitcoin: Or How We Became Gods

May 03 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  cultural culture philosophy religion

The limitations of physical reality are what make certain creations divine. Bitcoin reflects these properties in the digital realm.If Bitcoin were a mechanical watch, the fee market (not the free market) would be the mechanism making everything tick.This is where everything starts and ends.This is where censorship resistance comes from and where the precious resource of block space gets priced...

May 01 2021

The Seven Primal Elements Of Bitcoin

May 01 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  cultural culture philosophy religion

Seven primal elements of Bitcoin have combined to turn it into a belief system.The Seven Primal Elements Of The Bitcoin BrandPeople tend to be dismissive about new forms of money.This makes absolute sense because the value of a monetary asset resides primarily in the fact that other people are already using it.In this sense, any attempt at introducing a...

Apr 28 2021

Reimagine Your Life With Bitcoin

Part 2 of a series discussing the shared values between Bitcoin and Jordan Peterson’s newest book, Beyond Order.Rule II: Imagine Your Life With Bitcoin, Then Aim Single-Mindedly at ThatA reimagination of “Beyond Order” by Jordan Peterson through the lens of Bitcoin.PrefaceThis is part 2 of a 12-part series. This work follows the chronological order of “Beyond Order.” Each piece...

Apr 23 2021

Christian Fear of Bitcoin Stems From Lack of Knowledge and Misdirection

Apr 23 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  christianity culture religion

The characteristics and values that define Bitcoin have more in common with Christianity than mainstream opinions may convey.“No Stance” Is the Wrong StanceThe silence among Christians regarding bitcoin and cryptocurrency is surprising and alarming. While the Bible offers several hundred verses about prayer and faith, there are over 2,000 with the focus on money and wealth. Arguably, the most prominent...

Apr 08 2021

The Bitcoin Bhavacakra

Apr 08 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  art cultural culture religion

Artists Yonat Vaks, Chiefmonkey and mosaic.rocks combine Bitcoin and Bhuddism in The Bitcoin Bhavacakra.collaboration by Yonat Vaks, Chiefmonkey and mosaic.rocksBuddha and Satoshi’s Teachings: How to Ascend...

Mar 30 2021

Bitcoin: An Unstoppable Stone

Mar 30 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture law religion

Testaments to evil have stood and been swept away, and so, too, will central banks and all they represent.Within the Old Testament of the Bible is a brief story that serves as an effective analogy to the strength and momentum of the Bitcoin network. You can read it below: Thou, O king, sawest, and behold a great image. This great image, whose...

Mar 05 2021

Bitcoin And The Separation Of Money And State

Mar 05 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture religion the state

Throughout recorded history, religion and power have been inexorably linked. But Bitcoin now offers a beacon of hope.The separation of money and state is the most important change to society ever. Why? Let’s rewind the clock and find out.Church And StateThroughout recorded history, religion and power have been inexorably linked. The collective belief in one or more divine entities is...

Jan 06 2021

Interview: Faith In Bitcoin With Saint Bitcoin

For this episode of Bitcoin Magazine’s “Meet...

Dec 11 2020

In A Socially-Distant World, Bitcoin Is Common Ground

Bitcoiners have a unique ability to immediately hit it off with other Bitcoiners. This may not sound extraordinary on the surface, but this powerful interpersonal quality of instant connection is a vastly underrated feature of the Bitcoin network. Especially in an increasingly polarized and socially- distanced world. Outside of Bitcoin, the only thing humans seem to agree on lately is that we are deeply...

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