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Jun 28 2022

Bitcoin Is Venice: Fiat Delenda Est

We hope that one day, Bitcoin will go unnoticed as a second Renaissance flourishes all around us....

Jun 21 2022

Bitcoin Is Venice: What Medici Patience Can Teach Us Today

Like the Medicis of Renaissance Venice, those who embrace Bitcoin will be incentivized to create long-lasting impact....

Jun 04 2022

Bitcoin Will Reinspire The Pursuit Of Beauty

Jun 04 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture health opinion renaissance

Bitcoin lets us envision ourselves far into the future. It allows us to think, to set high goals and to discover a genuine pursuit which provides real value.Robert Malka is a board member of the Bitcoin Today Coalition and works with Mi Primer Bitcoin to develop the curricula for its K–12 Bitcoin Certification program in El Salvador.We stand at the crossroads...

May 24 2022

Bitcoin Is Venice: Bitcoin Will Make Us Think Long Term, Whether We Want To Or Not

The achievements of civilization are made through proof of work, and Bitcoin forces us to continue making progress....

May 17 2022

Bitcoin Is Venice: Soil And Yield

Damage to our soil and ongoing misguided environmentalism are symptomatic of fiat’s shortsightedness. Bitcoin offers a chance for Renaissance....

May 15 2022

The Role Of Art In The Bitcoin Renaissance

Bitcoin meets at a decentralized crossroads of communication, money and identity, which are three important elements of Renaissance periods.This article is an unofficial follow-up to a previous article on a similar theme.The Bitcoin Renaissance is well underway and the art gallery by the same name...

May 14 2022

The Financial Dark Ages Are Ending Thanks To Bitcoin

Bitcoin represents a financial renaissance, which means society still exists in a monetary Middle Ages dominated by the alchemy of fiat currency.During the Middle Ages, a group of men tried to turn base metals into gold; they were known as alchemists and they did not succeed in their endeavors. We’re fortunate that they didn’t. Why? Consider the alternative.Had the alchemists found...

Mar 22 2022

Bitcoin Is Venice: Those Embracing Bitcoin Gain A Superior Economic Foundation

In the introduction to “Bitcoin Is Venice,” the authors outline the theory that voluntarily adopting Bitcoin will pave a prosperous path for the future....

Mar 15 2022

Bitcoin Is Venice: What If You Knew The Renaissance Was Coming?

In the foreword to “Bitcoin Is Venice,” human rights advocate Alex Gladstein explains that Bitcoin is the foundation of a brighter future. This is the first in a series of...

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