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Apr 29 2022

Labor Department Skeptical of Fidelity’s Bitcoin 401(k)s

A top official with the the agency in the Labor Department that is tasked with regulating and overseeing companies in their management of employees' retirement accounts has expressed concerns with...

Apr 26 2022

Fidelity To Allow Bitcoin Investments In Retirement Plans: Report

Investment giant Fidelity will reportedly enable its 23,000 business clients to offer Bitcoin accounts for their workers’ 401(k)s later this year.Fidelity Investments plans to allow investors to allocate part of their 401(k)s into bitcoin later this year, according to a report by...

Mar 26 2022

Bitcoin Is On FIRE

Mar 26 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  business opinion retirement saving

The ethos of living frugally and investing wisely only gets better when applied to a bitcoin standard.What is FIRE?Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) is a movement focused on extreme savings and investment with the aim of allowing people to retire much earlier than conventional strategies target. Extreme frugality is at the core of FIRE. Proponents aim to save significant amounts of...

Mar 09 2022

Are Cryptocurrencies Appropriate For Retirement Funds?

Cryptocurrencies have emerged as an alternative to traditional investment classes but are they suitable for retirement funds? Some experts have weighed in and shared their opinion. Cryptocurrency retirement plans and portfolios are growing. In the United States, an increasing number of financial technology companies and institutions are now offering crypto 401(k) or IRA products. These are the two main methods Americans can save...

Nov 28 2021

Bitcoin Retirement And Generational Wealth Planning

Everyone should consider their plans for retirement, and bitcoin can help you achieve this major life goal.Before I found bitcoin, I was investing heavily into real estate to achieve early retirement and build generational wealth. When I found bitcoin and understood its value and future implications on the world, I knew that bitcoin would be the best asset I could ever buy...

Jul 30 2021

Why The $35 Trillion In United States Retirement Accounts Should Be Spent On Bitcoin

Jul 30 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  bitcoin ira culture ira retirement

American retirement savings represent a new beachhead for bitcoin — we just need to make sure people hold their own keys.“Many adults are struggling to save for retirement and feel that they are not on track with their savings. While preparedness for retirement increases with age, concerns about inadequate savings are still common for those near retirement age.” —...

Jul 26 2021

Bitcoin IRAs Are Rising In Popularity In The U.S.

Bitcoin-funded IRAs are surging in popularity in the U.S. as Americans seek a wealthier retirement.Bitcoin-funded Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs) have surged in popularity in 2021, CNBC reported. Americans have flocked to retirement arrangements powered by Bitcoin as the Federal Reserve has...

Mar 26 2021

New Zealand Retirement Fund Invests In Bitcoin

Mar 26 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  business new zealand retirement

The KiwiSaver Growth Strategy fund, part of New Zealand’s retirement savings program, has allocated 5 percent of its money to bitcoin.The KiwiSaver Growth Strategy fund, which is part of New Zealand’s national KiwiSaver program, has reportedly invested 5 percent of its funds into bitcoin.The program is meant to be used as a retirement savings vehicle for New Zealand’s citizens, with tax...

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