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Apr 12 2021

Top 3 Reasons why the XRP Token might Reach $3 Again

The XRP has been a highly controversial token. The cryptocurrency community is split between the ones who back the project, and the ones who bash it. The main topic that is doing much of the divide is the centralization dilemma. Disregarding...

Apr 07 2021

Ripple’s XRP SKYROCKETS past $1 – Can you still Buy in?

Apr 07 2021 Published at CryptoTicker under tags  crypto ripple ripple (xrp) sec tradingview

Other than having a centralization debacle, Ripple's XRP is known to always being "late to the party". While the crypto market shot high in the past year, XRP was lagging behind, mainly due to its fight with the SEC. Now that this lawsuit might end with a...

Mar 23 2021

XRP Price Prediction – Is Ripple back on Track? UP +20%

This article tackles the latest development in XRP prices from a technical and fundamental viewpoint. Despite Ripple's low momentum, this XRP Price Prediction will show how XRP managed to gain more than 20% in the past 7 days. What's...

Mar 03 2021

Ripple Company might Settle with the SEC in 2021

Mar 03 2021 Published at CryptoTicker under tags  crypto lawsuit ripple ripple (xrp) sec

Ripple might have to settle with the SEC in 2021. In fact, this prediction comes after looking at the hard evidences that EOS company Block did the same back in 2019....

Feb 06 2021

XRP Price Prediction – How is Ripple STILL ALIVE? UP 50% in 7 days

Feb 06 2021 Published at CryptoTicker under tags  crypto lawsuit moon pump and dump ripple

This week was quite the chaotic one for Ripple and the XRP cryptocurrency. Many significant events happened, thus increasing volatility. In the world of finance, whenever volatility increases, investors should switch...

Jan 30 2021

Why you Might have been WRONG about Ripple – XRP price +16%

For a cryptocurrency that is still being debated if it's really decentralized or not, XRP is the perfect love-hate dilemma among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. From one side, investors are loving how there's a centralized...

Jan 23 2021

What Lawsuit? XRP Price showing Strength! Jump on Board?

Ever since the lawsuit back in December 2020, XRP prices fell from their high of USD 0.75 all the way back to their initial consolidated price of USD 0.17 as investors feared what the future holds for Ripple company. What happened to the price of XRP and how is the price reacting to cryptocurrency market news?...

Jan 08 2021

Dec 30 2020

BREAKING NEWS – XRP Price reached USD 17 cents, will it become worthless?

Ever since the SEC lawsuit that hit Ripple company, XRP's price began falling and wiped out all gains made throughout the crypto bull run post-COVID-19. This event created fear...

Dec 23 2020

BREAKING NEWS – XRP price dips below 40 cents, will Ripple manages to fight back the SEC?

We announced yesterday a serious allegation against Ripple company, which is being sued by the SEC for reportedly selling securities without having a proper license to do so. This...

Dec 22 2020

XRP price in BIG TROUBLE – Will the SEC Lawsuit affect the XRP moon?

For many, XRP reaching its high of USD 0.78 wasn't the big awaited milestone. Ripple's "20K event" was a break of the psychological price of USD 1. Unfortunately, many bad fundamentals came to play, in conjunction with...

Dec 19 2020

Ripple vs Ethereum – Main Differences Between These Two Cryptocurrencies

Ripple vs Ethereum is the most common comparison in the cryptocurrency industry. Investors want to know the main differences between these two digital assets. At the same time, they also need to understand how they could evolve in the future. Enthusiasts that are entering this industry care about the main characteristics of Ethereum and Ripple. […] The post Ripple vs Ethereum...

Dec 05 2020

How to Buy Ripple (XRP) in the UK?

Ripple (XRP) became a very important cryptocurrency in the last few years. This is why we will analyze in this article how to buy Ripple in the UK. Ripple is one of the largest digital currencies worldwide, and it has been expanding in the last years. The United Kingdom is one of the richest countries […] The post How to Buy Ripple (XRP)...

Nov 28 2020

Is Ripple (XRP) Mining Possible? | Here’s All You Need to Know

Ripple mining is a hot discussion among crypto users and enthusiasts. This topic is very important for crypto investors because it would help them understand the nature of cryptocurrencies. However, the first thing we must mention is that Ripple mining doesn’t exist. We will tell you in the coming sections why Ripple mining is not […] The post Is Ripple (XRP) Mining...

Nov 22 2020

Ripple to PayPal – How to Properly Sell Your Ripple Coins

Have you ever wondered how to properly sell your Ripple coins? There are several users that would like to move their Ripple to PayPal, and it may be somehow difficult. The best way to do so is by using cryptocurrency exchanges and moving the funds to PayPal later on. Despite that, there are some options […] The post Ripple to PayPal - How...

Nov 19 2020

How and Where to Buy Ripple | Beginner’s Guide

To buy Ripple is no different than buying any other cryptocurrencies. The process is pretty simple, but it differs depending on the exchange service that you want to use. And that choice comes down to availability and fees. While one exchange may have lower fees than others, it may not be available in your country. […] The post How and Where to Buy...

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