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May 09 2022

SBI Group’s Cross-Border e-Commerce Platform Enables XRP Payments

Japan’s SBI Group has made another move to bring XRP to the mainstream as SBI Africa’s cross-border e-commerce platform, SBI Motor Japan, has started to accept payments in cryptocurrencies.

Apr 13 2022

Ripple Lawyer Claims “a Very Big Win” against SEC in Court

The legal battle between Ripple and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) continues, but the blockchain company claimed a major win against the financial regulator.

Jan 26 2022

Ripple Gets $15 Billion Valuation amid Stock Buyback

California-headquartered Ripple, a blockchain payments company, has closed a private buy-back round of its equities, putting the company’s valuation at $15 billion.

Sep 15 2021

What Is the Optimum Price Level for XRP?

The token is currently trading at a 67 percent discount from its early-2018 peak.

Jul 13 2021

Is It a Good Time to Buy XRP?

XRP is trading at 66 percent lower than at its April peak.

May 14 2021

Will Tesla Accept DogeCoin? Speculation Rises After Tesla Quits BTC Payments

Members of a number of altcoin communities are vying for Tesla's attention; some users, however, are wary.

May 07 2021

As BTC Dominance Drops, ETH, XRP, DOGE, & Other Altcoins Take the Stage

As the week draws to a close, the distribution of value in crypto markets is continuing to shift toward altcoins.

Apr 12 2021

Mar 22 2021

Ripple’s XRP Relist Campaign Gathers Steam on Twitter

XRP enthusiasts’ latest campaign comes as a hearing in the SEC lawsuit showed “surprise bombshells” in favor of Ripple.

Feb 12 2021

RippleX’s Monica Long on Sustainability in Blockchain & Crypto: Interview

Bitcoin is in the spotlight once again, and conversations about crypto's sustainability along with it.

Jan 06 2021

Blockchain.com Joins XRP Delisting Party

Ripple is facing another fresh lawsuit from one of its investors.

Dec 30 2020

Bittrex to Delist All XRP Pairs, Price Slips to $0.20

The exchange is known for listing almost all digital currencies.

Dec 28 2020

OKCoin Halts XRP, Requires Traders to Return Margin Loans

XRP price has crashed further today as more exchange and partners are distancing themselves from the fourth-largest cryptoasset

XRP Delisting Continues: B2C2, Simplex, and More are Out

The platforms want to save the troubles if XRP really turned out to be a security.

Dec 25 2020

R3 Bought at Least $240 Million Worth XRP, SEC Lawsuit Shows

The company bought 1.04 billion XRP tokens in 2019 as a part of a settlement.

Dec 23 2020

Oct 05 2020

September Selloffs Pushed Down Crypto Prices, Trading Activity: eToro

"Investors were clearly looking to take [some] profits,” says eToro analyst Simon Peters.

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