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Jul 22 2022

RTFKT Nike Hoodie – Sold OUT and People Angry, What Happened?

Jul 22 2022 Published at CryptoTicker under tags  blockchain companies crypto defi nft rtfkt

RTFKT announced the release of their new Nike Hoodie NFT. The hoodie got sold out within a very short time. However, many people were left angry without being able to mint. What specifically happened with the RTFKT Nike hoodie drop? When was the Hoodie Released?...

Jul 05 2022

RTFKT Announces new Utilities for owning CloneX NFT…Here’s what New

In the midst of the current crypto bear market, RTFKT announced new benefits for owning their CloneX NFT. This news brings confidence to crypto and blockchain investors, as most NFT projects that popped back in 2021 failed to deliver on their promises. In this article, we're going to recap what RTFKT is and what new...

Apr 24 2022

Swoosh! Nike And RTFKT Reveal First-Of-Its-Kind Virtual Sneakers

Sometime in January, everyone was puzzled with the sneak preview of an NFT called MNLTH, a silvery cube with the famous Nike logo. Later on, to spice things up, RTFKT have set up a trail for their followers to complete quests to uncover what’s inside the mysterious cube. After three months of anticipation, the cube has been unboxed...

Feb 16 2022

Everything You Should Know About The RTFKT Project

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding digital products and artifacts, particularly because of metaverses. Many firms have created platforms and spaces to encourage the growth and sales of digital products. RTFKT is one of the newest firms interested in pivoting the creation of digital arts. It's safe to mention that many firms believe that the metaverse will revolutionize blockchain technology, and...

Dec 15 2021

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