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May 25 2023

Breaking: Assets Worth $1.8 Billion Locked With Multichain; Will It Lead To A Crypto Crash? | Coingape

The broad confusion surrounding the Multichain protocol has continued to stir more Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) in the digital currency ecosystem. The latest uproar in the community came from the tweet from self-proclaimed crypto market investigator, @BoringSleuth which showed the potential basis for a rug- pull. Multichain Holds $1.8 Billion Crypto Assets According to Boring...

May 17 2023

Ben Armstrong Dumps Own Token, is a Massive Crash Incoming for BEN? | Coingape

Popular digital currency YouTuber Ben Armstrong, known as BitBoy Crypto has dumped all his BEN token holdings, a week after he promised his community to have the fan tokens locked for 6 months. The news was broken hours ago when Twitter user and self-proclaimed on-chain Sleuth published screenshots from addresses linked to Armstrong. Bitboy sold...

May 04 2023

$WSB Gains 155% After WallStreetBets Insider Returns Rugged Funds

The WallStreetBets insider accused of rugging the recently launched $WSB Coin has returned the stolen funds to the memecoin project. WSB surged by 155% following the return of funds.

May 03 2023

Feb 21 2023

Friendsies NFT Collection Rug Pulled After Raising $5 Million

The founders of the Friendsies NFT collection have pulled the rug. The rug pull comes less than a year after the project raised $5 million at an auction hosted by Christie’s on OpenSea.

Feb 02 2023

Squiggles NFT Founders Face Federal Grand Jury Investigation

The founders of Squiggles NFT collection are facing a federal grand jury investigation for wire fraud and money laundering.

Apr 28 2022

Four Croatians Allegedly Rugged NFT Collectors Of Over $2.8 Million In A Few Months

Apr 28 2022 Published at Ethereum World News under tags  nft nfts rugpull

Twitter On-chain detective Zachxbt claims four Croatians rugged nine NFT projects and made over $2.8 million collectively.

Apr 12 2022

How These NFT Projects Drained 40K ETH From Their Communities

Apr 12 2022 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  nft nfts rugpull

According to an investigation from Rug Pull Finder, a group of NFT projects managed to take over 40,000 in Ethereum (ETH) or $120 million from their communities. The anonymous investigators believe the groups have been using one strategy across different platforms and projects to attract users and steal their funds....

Apr 11 2022

Investors Are Wary As Floyd Mayweather Promotes New Metaverse Project

Floyd Mayweather is launching a new metaverse project called Mayweverse. Investors are eyeing the project with skepticism, given Mayweather’s dodgy track record with crypto. The SEC is also cracking down on projects that may be receiving questionable support from celebrities. Former professional boxer Floyd Mayweather is promoting another NFT project, this time one called Mayweverse. The project is offering “5,000 NFT prizes, benefits...

Mar 22 2022

SWAK NFT Pulls the Rug, Investors Lose More Than Half a Million

SWAK was an NFT project that saw more than half a million invested in. The token had experienced more than 2,300% rise last month. Rug pulls continue to happen in the market, which is a stain on its legitimacy. The SWAK NFT project has executed a rug pull on its investors, leading to a theft of more than half a million. Crypto alert...

Dec 02 2021

Top 3 Rug Pulls In The DeFi Sector 2021

The decentralized finance industry is one of the most distinct industries in the crypto market, as it boasts all kinds of financial products. With this, traders carry out millions in transactions every day, with most of the tokens having massive amounts locked in them. Despite the many opportunities to make profits in the market, it is not as safe as it should be....

Sep 30 2021

Jun 23 2021

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