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May 03 2022

Bitcoin Is The Safest Place For Your Money

Financial illiteracy is a cardinal issue within societies. By using the Socratic method, we can ask questions that get to the root of the issue.Most, if not all, individuals are provisioned with zero financial education and are not given sufficient instruction in the first principles of money, especially as it relates to building wealth and establishing a secure foundation from which to...

Mar 02 2022

Bitcoin Short Squeeze: BTC Bulls Wipe Out $68 Million Shorts In Last 24 Hrs

Bitcoin' jump to $44,000 unwound an increasing number of short positions, data from Coinglass showed. The token has driven the crypto market higher amid growing adoption through the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Is a Bitcoin short Squeeze incoming? Data from Coinglass showed about $68 million short positions in the world's largest cryptocurrency had been liquidated in the The post Bitcoin Short Squeeze: BTC Bulls Wipe...

Feb 24 2022

Gold And Oil Price Are Soaring While Crypto Bleeds Due To Russia-Ukraine War

Feb 24 2022 Published at Coingape under tags  analysis bitcoin crypto dollar gold

Russia's declaration of war against Ukraine saw crypto market capitalization slump by $200 billion in a matter of hours, while stock and currency...

Gold Outperforming Bitcoin in 2022 Amid Inflation And Russia-Ukraine War Threat

Bitcoin's latest tumble, as the Russia-Ukraine conflict intensified, saw it diverge further from gold this year, raising more questions over the token's viability as a safe haven. Bitcoin prices slumped nearly...

Bitcoin Slumps Below $35k, Crypto In Freefall As Russia Declares War

Feb 24 2022 Published at Coingape under tags  altcoin news bitcoin news gold news russia

Bitcoin tanked on Thursday, with crypto markets in a sea of red after Russia declared war on Ukraine and began military operations in the Donbas region. The world's largest cryptocurrency slumped 11% overnight to...

Nov 30 2021

Safe Haven Atomic Swap (SafeSwap) Beta Testing and Review

Nov 30 2021 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  altcoin projects safe haven safeswap

The Safe Haven team has announced the atomic swap feature (SafeSwap) of their native SHA token across multiple blockchains. The platform has requested their community members to thoroughly test and review the feature. The project is only allowing whitelisted members to participate in the testing process. Users can perform the swap...

Aug 25 2021

Afghans Turn To Bitcoin Stability After Taliban Takeover

Bitcoin adoption in Afghanistan has increased as citizens seek stability in the face of cash shortages and rising prices after Taliban takeover.Afghans have been resorting to bitcoin for storing and exchanging value since the Taliban took over control of most of the country. On August 15, hundreds of residents of Kabul, the country's capital, rushed to banks to withdraw money as Taliban...

May 25 2021

Attorneys Look to Safe Haven for Protecting Crypto Investments

Lawyers working in the estate planning sector are growing concerned about the logistics involved with safeguarding crypto assets for their clients. Practicing attorneys are paying more attention to new investments for the younger generation of Millennials and Gen-Z clients that are picking up crypto tokens and NFTs as part of their portfolios. According to a...

Jan 28 2021

Safe Haven To Launch Year-Long SHA Staking Initiative

Financial solutions provider Safe Haven is preparing to launch a year-long staking program that is tailored to increase awareness of the platform and foster user loyalty. Safe Haven is a platform that builds blockchain-based financial, asset management, and inheritance solutions. It also allows users the opportunity to...

Dec 21 2020

Shortage in Stores of Value Could Lead to Bitcoin Panic Buying

Industry analysts and researchers have noted that the narrative for buying safe haven assets such as Bitcoin or gold will only strengthen as cash and bonds are earning near-zero yields. Bitcoin prices reclaimed their...

Dec 13 2020

Crypto Long & Short: Bitcoin’s Relationship With Gold Is More Complicated Than It Looks

Just because gold is losing momentum and bitcoin is gaining it doesn't mean investors are selling gold to buy bitcoin – not yet, anyway.

Nov 29 2020

Safe Haven (SHA) Is Offering Users New Solutions

Safe Haven, the digital inheritance provider, is one of the more interesting projects on the market. The company has been continuously expanding and bringing new solutions to its users. Now it is getting ready to celebrate its third anniversary. According to a series of tweets on the official Twitter account for Safe Haven, the...

Oct 11 2020

Recent News on Safe Haven (SHA)

Safe Haven (SHA), known for building fintech solutions on blockchain, has been working tirelessly on new projects. This work has been done in both collaboration with others and as a solo effort. This report shall look at the recent news, projects, and partnerships by Safe Haven (SHA). Safe Haven launches Inheriti community edition Inheriti represents the first digital inheritance solution that is fully...

Sep 28 2020

Safe Haven Digital Inheritance Platform Now Live for Community!

Safe Haven, the digital inheritance provider, launched its decentralized data inheritance platform, Inheriti, on the VeChain mainnet. The launch of Inheriti is being touted as one of the most important releases in the crypto space. The Inheriti Community Edition (CE) that went live on the VeChain mainnet is designed to be simple. Furthermore, it is the truest form of decentralized data inheritance. Furthermore,...

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