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Feb 18 2022

How I Became Homeless, Then A Sats Millionaire

Bitcoin offers a chance at hope in what can seem like a never-ending cycle of debt and economic obstacles.Yes, I am homeless. Unhoused. I am not alone.In the Netherlands, there are 38,000 homeless, growing daily. It can happen to anyone. One day, you have a job, a relationship and a bed,...

Feb 16 2022

How Adopting Bits Can Help Newcomers Better Understand Bitcoin

Feb 16 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  adoption culture exchanges opinion sats

By changing the way we display denominations of value in bitcoin, we can make it easier to onboard people who may not understand bitcoin’s divisibility.As the price of bitcoin will potentially increase over time, we need to adopt a new strategy to promote the relative affordability of bitcoin. In addition, we need to address and remove some legacy barriers which both confuse...

Feb 05 2022

The Satoshi Standard Can Take Bitcoin Trading Mainstream

Feb 05 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  adoption culture opinion sats trading

Purchasing fractions of a bitcoin can be a mental hurdle for some — but a satoshi standard could help alleviate that.The current price of bitcoin makes it seem as if the world's leading cryptocurrency is no longer approachable by mainstream users. A five-digit price point makes people rethink their decision, as most assume they still need to buy one full bitcoin. Introducing...

Sep 29 2021

Bitcoin Versus Sats Denomination: Why Not Both?

Sep 29 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture sats

Perhaps the best way to denominate bitcoin is a separation that displays both BTC and sats.Bitcoin is divisible down to the eighth decimal place. These subunits are called “satoshis” or just “sats.” One satoshi is 0.00000001 btc. Unfortunately this is impossible to read for small sat values. And as time goes on, we all expect bitcoin to keep appreciating to the point...

Aug 29 2021

The Satcomma Standard: You Should Look At Bitcoin Like This

Aug 29 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture sats

The satcomma standard allows users to see both bitcoin and sats in one easy glance.A Whole Number Notation Scheme For Sub-Decimal Amounts In BitcoinRegardless of what wallet software we use, the bitcoin notation standard, i.e., how the numerals appear in your balance, is the primary UX component of our relationship with bitcoin. The punctuation of money, periods and commas, and where...

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