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Aug 19 2022

With Drivechain, Bitcoin Will Make Altcoins Obsolete

Drivechain, a proposed soft fork via BIPs 300 and 301, could introduce a portfolio of sidechains to Bitcoin and replicate any altcoin use case.This is an opinion editorial by Nikita Chashchinskii, a software developer working on BIP300 sidechains.Drivechain as defined in BIP300 and BIP301 offers a new vision for Bitcoin, in which the following problems are...

Jul 27 2022

Avalanche Update: Will Avalanche Subnets Solve The Biggest Problem of RPCs in the GameFi and Play2Earn Blockchain Sector?

Jul 27 2022 Published at CryptoTicker under tags  altcoin avalanche crypto gamefi play2earn

What is Avalanche? What Is An RPC (Remote Procedure Call)? RPCs could come under the category of API (application programming interface) which permits developers to execute code that can be run on servers remotely. And when developers create dApps with RPC abilities, the app will be able to link users’ demands to data from blockchains. For example, when users utilize MetaMask to complete...

Jul 18 2022

The Real Scaling Solution For Bitcoin

Forget Lightning, there is an entirely different approach to Bitcoin scaling that fiat money has obscured.This is an opinion editorial by Knut Svanholm, author of “Bitcoin: Sovereignty Through Mathematics.”Bitcoin skeptics often claim that bitcoin doesn’t scale. They say that bitcoin’s on-chain transaction capacity of about seven transactions per second is too low, especially compared to...

Jul 07 2022

Pickhardt Payments: How To Send Large Bitcoin Payments On Lightning

The work of Rene Pickhardt shows that despite being mainly used for small, fast Bitcoin transactions, Lightning can also deliver large payments.The Lightning Network is seen as the main solution in the Bitcoin ecosystem for making small BTC transactions feasible, as it enables the smallest of payments to be sent for nearly no...

May 20 2022

A Few Ways We Can Upgrade Lightning Network Payment Routing

In order to develop into a protocol usable by the entire world, certain scaling improvements for Lightning need to be considered.The Lightning Network is a well-developed, fast-growing, Layer 2 transaction solution on the Bitcoin network. More and more services and exchanges are integrating it, the liquidity available for routing payments is growing, and more applications and ways for users to interact with...

May 19 2022

What is Sharding? This Ethereum Scaling Concept Explained

As the scaling debate in cryptocurrencies continues, some potential solutions have actually been in development for quite some time now. Specifically, in the case of Ethereum, where a large focus is placed on decentralization and security at the expense of scalability, the application of sharding in conjunction with implementing Proof of Stake consensus is seen [...] The post What is Sharding? This Ethereum...

Apr 26 2022

Bitcoin Is Venice: Scaling In Layers

Bitcoin enables "natural" scaling, including layered money à la Lightning, which fulfills this only because of the base layer’s functionality....

Apr 21 2022

Mar 17 2022

Feb 23 2022

CoinPool: A New Design To Scale Bitcoin And Improve Privacy

CoinPools could enable billions of people to claim ownership of on-chain bitcoin, allowing for Bitcoin to scale while improving privacy in the process.The below is a direct excerpt of Marty's Bent Issue #1167: "A detailed CoinPool design emerges." Sign up for the newsletter...

Feb 08 2022

Investor Focus Misdirects Fidelity ‘Bitcoin First’ Report

A recent report from financial services giant Fidelity captures Bitcoin as an asset class of its own, but fails to recognize its true potential.On January 18, financial services giant Fidelity published “Bitcoin First: Why Investors Need To Consider Bitcoin Separately From Digital Assets,” written...

Jan 27 2022

The Fight For Bitcoin: The Keys To Victory

The key to Bitcoin lies in the keys — and scaling based upon the understanding of current shortcomings and where improvements are needed.The Fight For Bitcoin: Round Four“Nothing is built on stone; all is built on sand, but we must build as if the sand were stone.” \- Jorge Luis BorgesThere is no such thing as digital scarcity. Information always...

Jan 21 2022

Cardano Unveils Major Scaling Roadmap For 2022

Jan 21 2022 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  ada cardano cryptocurrency news scaling

IOHK, the firm behind the Cardano network, has revealed its scaling roadmap for 2022. In it are several major upgrades to improve the speed and optimization of the world’s sixth-largest blockchain. Cardano already claims superior throughput to its rival, Ethereum. However, it has to gain much more traction due to the lack of developers in its ecosystem. However, IOHK is confident that this...

Jan 11 2022

Oct 15 2021

Bitcoin And The Lightning Network: The Most Efficient Payment System In The World

The Lightning Network makes Bitcoin the most efficient payment system in the world. But, in basic terms, how does it work?Watch this guide on YouTube.We’re going to go over the...

Sep 29 2021

Aug 30 2021

Jul 30 2021

The Semantics Of The Bitcoin Layers

Jul 30 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture history layer 2 layers scaling

While we casually talk about Bitcoin having multiple layers, the word itself has historical meaning.The Semantics Of A Bitcoin LayerThe idea of a layer comes from two worlds, each of which uses a layered approach in a distinct manner: the world of money, and the world of networks. In this article we will briefly explore both worlds. After the concept of...

Jun 18 2021

Polygon: The Layer 2 Solution Doing 8 Times as Many Transactions a Day as Ethereum

Jun 18 2021 Published at Unchained Podcast under tags  2021 eth 2.0 ethereum layer 2 matic

Jaynti Kanani, cofounder and CEO of Polygon, discusses why the layer 2 solution has seen so much success during a down crypto market. Show highlights: what factors have led to Polygon’s and MATIC's impressive performance YTD how Polygon...

May 28 2021

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