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May 06 2022

Secret (SCRT) Network Research Report – Should You Invest in SCRT?

DisclaimerThis report is intended for CoinSutra VIP users. CoinSutra VIP is a premium crypto community, which is currently accepting new registrations. Get instant access @ https//vip.coinsutra.comThis research report is based on the...

Apr 15 2022

SCRT Price Prediction

Secret (SCRT) is a privacy-focused blockchain built on Cosmos. Secret Contracts are the blockchain's smart contracts, and they allow DApps to use private data on Secret in the same way that smart contracts on other blockchains do. The Secret Network distinguishes itself by emphasizing data privacy and end-to-end encryption, which Ethereum and other blockchains do not provide....

Mar 29 2022

Deposits and Staking for SCRT Available Now – Earn Up to 20% in Yearly Rewards

Mar 29 2022 Published at Kraken Blog under tags  announcements | kraken news scrt

Kraken is excited to announce the listing of SCRT and staking with up to 20% in yearly rewards! Funding and Trading Funding is live, and trading will begin on April 1 at approximately 14:30 UTC. Keep an eye on the status page for updates. You… The post Deposits and Staking for SCRT Available Now - Earn Up to...

Jan 30 2022

SCRT Price Prediction

Jan 30 2022 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  scrt secret network technical analysis

Secret Network is an open-source, permissionless blockchain based on original privacy research and papers first written at MIT in 2015, including “Decentralizing Privacy,” now one of the most influential papers in the blockchain space with 2,000 academic citations. SCRT is the native coin of Secret Network, a blockchain with data privacy for smart contracts by default, allowing you to build and use applications...

Jan 22 2022

Secret Network: The Secrets To SECRET CRYPTO(SCRT)

The route to adoption may not look easy in the blockchain world. There are exciting innovations in the crypto world. This post is all about one such project called Secret Crypto (SCRT). The SCRT price has increased by almost +57.1% in the last few days. Let's take a look at it in more detail....

Nov 24 2021

3 Benefits From the Secret Network – Cosmos Partnership

Secret Network, a privacy-first blockchain network, collaborates with Cosmos ($ATOM) to join the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) Protocol. The protocol is commonly called the IBCGang. Secret Network ($SCRT) announced on Twitter. They will be joining other existing platforms in the IBCGang, such as Osmosis, Crypto.org, Terra, and KiChain. In this...

Nov 03 2021

Cult favourite ‘Pulp Fiction’ is dropping seven Secret NFTs on OpenSea

Nov 03 2021 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  nfts scrt

Quentin Tarantino, the award-winning director, screenwriter, producer, author, film critic, and actor, on the heels of his lifetime achievement award at the Rome Film Festival, will...

Oct 12 2021

Why $SCRT is Increasing 230% This Month?

$SCRT is the native token for the Secret Network and has been on fire in recent weeks, but what is driving momentum? It is no secret that $SCRT has been outperforming their best performance so far this month. Since the beginning of October, $SCRT had skyrocketed when it was trading at around USD 1.90. Then, it surged to an all-time high of USD...

Jun 26 2021

Secret Network (SCRT) | Terra – Partner to Improve DeFi Privacy

Secret Network (SCRT), a privacy-first blockchain protocol that provides data privacy, has announced a strategic partnership with Terra. The partnership is aimed at providing programmable privacy and decentralized finance (DeFi) opportunities for Terra assets. Secret Network (SCRT) announced the partnership via an official blog post. Disclosing that both platforms aim to create opportunities for liquidity providers, their assets, and...

Jun 18 2021

Secret Network (SCRT) Secret BSC Bridge Live On The Mainnet

The much-anticipated Secret BSC Bridge is now live on privacy-focused blockchain, Secret Network (SCRT). The Secret BSC Bridge will strategically increase the number of supported Secret tokens on Secret Network while also improving interoperability between BSC, ETH, and Secret Networks. According to the official blog post, BEP20 tokens can now be easily swapped for Secret Tokens (privacy-preserving tokens). This provides programmable...

May 22 2021

Secret Network Binance Smart Chain Bridge Is Live

Secret Network, a privacy-first blockchain that provides data privacy by default, announced that the Secret Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Bridge has gone live on testnet. The news also follows an earlier announcement that the Secret BSC Bridge was undergoing “active development.” According to reports, the creation of the Secret Binance Smart Chain Bridge is expected to make it possible for assets on BSC...

May 07 2021

Secret Network Gets Major Funding for Privacy Development

Secret Network, a Layer 1 blockchain-based project featuring privacy- preserving smart contracts, received major funding recently. The platform received $11.5 million from investors like Blocktower Capital, Arrington Capital, Skynet Trading, and Spartan Group. The problem with distributed ledger is transparency, which often leads to bad abuses. Users require an infrastructure to address this concern and maintain the privacy of their financial...

Apr 15 2021

Secret Network (SCRT) and Plasm Bridge Testnet Launch

Plasm Network, the multi chain dApps hub on Polkadot has announced the testnet launch of its Secret Network (SCRT) bridge MVP. The bridge is a major step in improving interoperability between Polkadot and Cosmos chains. According to an official blog post, the Plasm Network Secret Network (SCRT) bridge...

Apr 03 2021

Network Usage Soars as Secret Network (SCRT) Launches SEFI

Privacy-focused blockchain platform Secret Network has officially launched its native governance token SEFI on the mainnet. Interestingly, this has lead to a massive surge in network usage as users continue to claim and stake SEFI. The mainnet launch of the SEFI token is a major step for Secret Network. SEFI will serve as a governance token for Secret DeFi and SecretSwap. SecretSwap is...

Feb 12 2021

SCRT Price Prediction

Feb 12 2021 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  scrt technical analysis

SCRT is the native token of Secret Network. Secret network is the first blockchain with privacy-preserving smart contracts. dApps built on Secret can be completely private and can utilize encrypted data without revealing it to the nodes in the network. Secret Apps: The dApps built this way are powerful, permissionless and privacy-preserving. Such development will definitely affect...

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