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Apr 12 2021

Top 3 Reasons why the XRP Token might Reach $3 Again

The XRP has been a highly controversial token. The cryptocurrency community is split between the ones who back the project, and the ones who bash it. The main topic that is doing much of the divide is the centralization dilemma. Disregarding...

Apr 09 2021

XRP’s Head & Shoulders Pattern on the Weekly Chart Points to New Highs

In summary: Veteran Trader, Peter Brandt, has identified a head and shoulders pattern on the weekly XRP chart A continuation of the pattern could translate to new highs for XRP XRP is trading at levels last seen in early 2018 The weekly chart is yet to show exhaustion and XRP could reclaim the number 3 spot on Coinmarketcap Veteran trader (futures, Forex and...

Mar 31 2021

LBRY Warns That SEC Lawsuit Could Be “Disastrous” for the Crypto Industry

This is because the conditions outlined in the complaint could classify most crypto tokens as securities.

Mar 23 2021

XRP Price Prediction – Is Ripple back on Track? UP +20%

This article tackles the latest development in XRP prices from a technical and fundamental viewpoint. Despite Ripple's low momentum, this XRP Price Prediction will show how XRP managed to gain more than 20% in the past 7 days. What's...

Mar 12 2021

Mar 11 2021

Cryptocurrency Market Jumps after Gary Gensler Passes Senate Committee Vote

President Joe Biden’s Nominee for the Chairman of the SEC is getting closer to the final appointment.

Mar 09 2021

XRP Sets its Eyes on $0.50 as Ripple and Moneygram End Partnership

In brief: Ripple has confirmed the end of its partnership with MoneyGram MoneyGram had stepped back from their agreement after the SEC lawsuit against Ripple XRP's price is unmoved by the official announcement and is trading at $0.48 The return of bullishness in the crypto markets due to the $1.9T stimulus bill could send XRP above $0.50 Ripple has officially announced the end...

Mar 04 2021

Mar 03 2021

Ripple Company might Settle with the SEC in 2021

Mar 03 2021 Published at CryptoTicker under tags  crypto lawsuit ripple ripple (xrp) sec

Ripple might have to settle with the SEC in 2021. In fact, this prediction comes after looking at the hard evidences that EOS company Block did the same back in 2019....

Mar 02 2021

Elon Musk is under SEC Investigation…Again?

Last week, news surfaced that the SEC is investigating Elon Musk. His previous Tweets about Dogecoin caused this investigation. In fact, this is not the...

Feb 17 2021

XRP’s $0.50 Support Continues to Hold Ahead of Ripple/SEC Pre-trial

In brief: Ripple and the SEC have a pre-trial conference on the 22nd of February The SEC does not believe there is a prospect for settlement at this time thus increasing the chances of a full trial XRP's $0.50 support is a level to watch ahead of the pre-trial event on the 22nd On the 22nd of February, the SEC and Ripple will...

Feb 12 2021

Nigeria’s SEC Puts Plans to Regulate Crypto on Hold in Light of Central Bank Ban

Nigeria’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced Thursday it has put plans to regulate cryptocurrencies on hold.

Feb 11 2021

SEC Should Monitor Tesla’s Elon Musk for Market Manipulation: Roubini

The NYU economist also warned bitcoin could "collapse" if Tether and Bitfinex are indicted this year.

Feb 05 2021

XRP Has Real Utility and Could Keep Rallying – Crypto Analyst

Summary: XRP has experienced a resurgence in the markets partly due to the crypto arm of the WallStreetBets community: SatoshiStreetsBets Crypto analyst MagicPoopCannon has reminded the crypto community that XRP has real utility He forecasts that XRP could experience a massive explosion to $9 or even $20 US residents can still trade XRP on Uphold The remittance coin of XRP has experienced the...

Feb 01 2021

WallStreetBets targets XRP, Prices soar 160% in 7 days – What about the lawsuit?

After the Gamestop incident, DogeCoin was next on the list and made headlines in the cryptomarket, supported by Elon Musk and other well-known crypto enthusiasts. These past...

Jan 30 2021

Why you Might have been WRONG about Ripple – XRP price +16%

For a cryptocurrency that is still being debated if it's really decentralized or not, XRP is the perfect love-hate dilemma among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. From one side, investors are loving how there's a centralized...

Jan 24 2021

Ripple & XRP Could Benefit from a Biden Administration – Analyst

Quick take: MagicPoopCannon believes Biden's picks for the US Treasury, SEC and OCC will provide the regulatory clarity needed in the United States regarding digital assets Magic is optimistic that both Ripple and XRP will benefit from such clarity US Treasury Nominee, Dr. Janet Yellen, recently clarified her comments regarding digital assets Dr. Yellen pointed out that cryptocurrencies can be used to improve...

Jan 23 2021

What Lawsuit? XRP Price showing Strength! Jump on Board?

Ever since the lawsuit back in December 2020, XRP prices fell from their high of USD 0.75 all the way back to their initial consolidated price of USD 0.17 as investors feared what the future holds for Ripple company. What happened to the price of XRP and how is the price reacting to cryptocurrency market news?...

Jan 21 2021

Japan Rallies Behind XRP as Ripple Faces US Litigation

Unlike the U.S., Japan considers XRP to be a cryptocurrency, not a security.

Jan 18 2021

Gary Gensler Confirmed as Joe Biden’s SEC Chair Pick

Gary Gensler has taught courses about blockchain at MIT.

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